Sink Sammich

OK….I am going to start a contraversy here.  I am a Southerner and I hate Duke’s Mayonnaise. Don’t won’t use it.  I use that good ol’ Yankee Hellman’s mayo.  Okay????  Don’t hate me because I don’t like Duke’s.  Recipe for Sink Sammich is:

Two pieces of fresh white bread
Nice juicy SUMMER tomato (this is vital – those mushy
     storebought tomatoes don’t work)
Plenty of HELLMAN’s mayo
Salt and pepper – extra
Peel the tomato.  Some people leave the peeling on.  That is tacky. Slather mayo on both slices of bread.  Slice nice thick slices of tomato onto the bread.  Salt and pepper if desired.  Give it just a
little mash to squish the mayo and tomato around.  Put the sammich in
your paws and stand over the sink and chow down.  This is a real true
Summer Sink Sammich.  No basil, argula, goat cheese, whole grain bread.
None of that trendy sustainable, green, rustic/hand/artisan crafted stuff.  This ain’t
gourmet science – it is simple, true, and yummy. If you just have to NOT use Hellman’s, then use a good mayo and not the cheap stuff.  If juice doesn’t run down your arms or drop on your shirt, you made the sammich wrong.

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