Love – the power of total transformation

I had commented on one of David Emeron’s classically beautiful sonnets.   He replied to comment with below:

“I just had an interesting thought in the form of a question:  Some of us–perhaps most of us–begin life in an ordinary way; that is to say our lives, even our natures, may be quite ordinary. Is it possible that true love is the very element that transforms a person from the ordinary to the extraordinary?

I do remember my young self as… while not quite ordinary, perhaps in many respects much more so. Once I fell so deeply in love, nothing was ever the same. Nothing internal. Not the outside world. Everything changed. Everything was different.”

His post today, posits the same question.  I was not an ordinary person.  I was an oddity, an individual.  I was born into a family of eccentrics.  Not the gothic Faulkneresqe eccentrics, but rather, more like the Addams family if they had been Southern.

Times and adventures shaped me, but nothing like the falling into total, unrelenting, no holding back love.  Those of you who have my story series, “The Samurai and The Wren”, know of this love.  it is a love that endures today and spans an ocean.  I was transformed by this love.  He was transformed.  The extraordinary lives we led before meeting became epic.  Truly.  I do not regret any of the love my Samurai and I have and the why of separation.  The love endures.  Sometimes there is pain, more often, there is that love that expanded my whole being and his as well.  David and his fairy wife give me joy by their love and how so many times, that love flows onto a computer screen and transforms it into a smile on my face as I read.

Love transforms us into something better and grander than we could have dreamed.  Some have allowed love to twist and make them small.  But we are not discussing those folks.  We are talking about those of us who hold our hands to summer rain, or snow, or starlight and say: fill me.  We hold out our hands to those in pain and say, let me help.  Our beings are open to all of the positive possibilities of the universe.  We hold nothing back.

Love bears fruit: patience, caring, forgiveness, joy, kindness, gentleness…..but I am focusing on the totally transforming power of love.

So now, I am going to get biblical on y’all.  I’m going to throw out some spirit of grace and love and joy.  It will be a gentle toss and easy to catch.  You won’t even need a catcher’s mitt.   Wine was a symbol in the Biblical writings for joy.

Jesus’ first miracle was to turn water into wine.  A relatively simple miracle.  Rather quiet and on the side.  But what a difference it made!

John 2:1-11.  I love the book of John.  Unlike the Synoptic Gospels (this reference is with you in mind, David) John knew the WHY of Jesus and wrote about it in loving detail.  Mark, Matthew, and Luke wrote about the actions of Jesus, wrote to “prove” Him to the Jews, the Gentiles.  but John – he knew the why.

Anyway, Jesus and Mary and His disciples went to a wedding of a friend of the family in Cana.  In those days, like today, you put out as much bling, bang, and boom as you could – pulled out all the food, beverage, entertainment stops that could be pulled out.  At some point, the wedding planner made a miscalculation and the wine ran out.  Serious business back then,  You, as a guest, could bring suit against your host for not providing enough food and drink!  Mary, as one of the important women relatives, found out about this from a servant.  Knowing the severity of this, she went to her son and told him the problem.  He gives her that “what?’ look.  “what is that to do with me? It isn’t time for me to go public with the miracles.”  I imagine for the last time, Mary gave her son “The Look”.  “Son, be a mensch.  help out your cousin.”  and with no other words, took him around back and told the servants standing around, “Do whatever He tells you to do.”

Jesus then told the servants to take six ceremonial urns and fill with water.  Here is an important point:  ceremonial urn.  Not some already used wine cask or urn.  A ceremonial urn would have only held and would only  hold pure water for important ceremonies and ceremonial bathing.  And simply, the water is transformed to wine.  The servants then take the urns out to the guests and wine is served.  The guest are all amazed – this wine is better than anything they have had up to this point.  Instead of serving the best first when guests would be more sober and would appreciate good wine and then following up with the screw top stuff when it made no difference, the host served the best at the last!

Jesus transformed ordinary water into excellent wine.  He does the same thing with us.  When we allow Him, He transforms our ordinary life into something extraordinary – something that before that point, totally eclipses all that went before.  We become filled with His love.  We are filled with joy.   We are touched and our vessels of clay become vessels of joy.  Jesus holds nothing back.

Transformed by love?  Oh yes!  Everything, inside and out changes.  We can never look at the world the same again once we are transformed by love.  What went before us is eclipsed by the now – the now changed by love.


2 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. seeker
    Jul 17, 2013 @ 02:08:46

    Yes, the story of Jesus is the epitome of love. As for David’s response, I can relate to that. To feel that kind of love is so intoxicating that one can feel addicted to it. But addiction is not love. It is the love itself that makes me long to be fully human and fully alive. No other can give that but Jesus.


    • kanzensakura
      Jul 17, 2013 @ 08:00:00

      You are absolutely right. That pure transforming love that changes us and makes us so full of it, we overflow with it and share it with others. Such wondrous loves.


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