Santa Claus Magic? BELIEVE….

I hope this makes you grin as hugely as it did me. I hope it warms your heart and that you BELIEVE!!!!

Sirena Tales


I’m running 25 minutes late to meet a dear friend for a tiny bit of Christmas shopping.  I’ve made a wrong turn that’s taken 15 minutes to redeem and then hit the extra holiday traffic. Gah!

As I bolt from my car, I stuff the Santa Hat on my head.  Despite the fact that I’ve been wondering for the past few days whether I should bother.  Wondering whether it matters at all.

When I finally reach for the door to enter the store and greet my friend, I hear a woman behind me exclaim, “It’s one of Santa’s helpers, one of his elves!”  For a split second, I look around for an elf, until I realize the lady is talking to her wee son about me.

He is probably 4 years old.  He stands agape for a moment.  Transfixed by the notion that he is two feet from magic.  His…

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