Sophie Has Leukaemia

Don Charisma posted this about a friend of his whose daughter has been diagnosed with leukemia. Links and Facebook info – allof that. Let’s show the kindness of unstrangers…

Don Charisma

It’s a testament to the good people I know to have people like Brian in my circles. Brian is a good man, caring father and leader in his work. We used to work together many moons ago, it’s how I know him.

I sent him a ping over the internet recently, it’d be too long since we spoke. Last time I saw him in person, I was having a challenging time myself, he took time out from his work to buy me lunch and a couple of beers. We had a chat as friends, which at the time meant the world to me.

He messaged me back on Facebook, it came as quite a shock to hear that his young daughter Sophie has Leukaemia. I didn’t know what to say, felt like I’d put my foot in my mouth really, what does one say ? Brian’s a good hearted guy and…

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  1. Terry
    May 28, 2014 @ 13:31:19

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