Kentucky Bourbon Cake – Yowzer Y’all

This is a reblog of a longtime family tradition. this is the first year I will be making this cake without my precious mother. This in tribute to her generous and spicy spirit.

kanzen sakura

Fooled y’all.  This is really a fruitcake in disguise.  Now don’t get all hinky on me and stop reading.  This is not your ordinary doorstop last-forever fruitcake.  This is more fruit and nuts than flour.  And it is solid, but it is a good solid – doused with bourbon, redolent of nutmeg, and intriguing with orange marmalade.  We bake this in two of the large size loaf pans.  Usually we fix 3 recipes of this – one for ourselves and the rest to dole out to friends who know this is worth eating and wait for this every year.  It is not a cheap cake and it is not a quickie.  It is an expensive luxury call girl of a cake – wonderful with coffee, hot tea, cold milk, or a shot of bourbon.  We’ve been making this since it first appeared in the 1970 Holiday issue of Southern Living. …

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