Twofer Tuesday: World Order

Two videos for today from my guys, World Order. Both have to do with how we today are out of synch with nature, each other…thoughts of getting back into sync, life, death, change….all metaphysical type thoughts. On such a cold snowy day (here),thoughts of becoming one with the universe and each other warms the soul.

The words to the songs written by lead man and singer and former MMA world champion, Genki Sudo, clearly and elegantly speak of how we are destroying our world, transition from this world to the world beyond, sadness, grief, happiness, being an individual….I hope you will enjoy their hypnotic movements as they interpret the songs. You will also see in Last Dance, alternative forms of energy, the Fukushima power plant and as they dance on the beach, see in their movements, the waves as they crashed upon the shore. In World Order, we hear and watch about the rhythms of the galaxy and how when we are in tune with this rhythm, we are in touch with ourselves, each other, higher powers.
A English translation of each song is provided. I hope you enjoy!  It is always interesting and fun to see how bystanders and children react to them.  They are dressed like the Japanese “salary man” but they are anything but, with their songs of peace, universal friendship, the cosmos, the Tsunami, the unification of the people of Japan to rebuild their country – better! Both songs encourage us to dance to our own rhythm, the rhythm of the universe, and to dance in the moment….

Word Order
Pushing aside the veil of the world
We hear two voices,
Embellished lies that sound pretty
and distorted truths that are buried in the crevices.
What is good, what is bad –
In between is always a paradox.
As this era comes to its end,
We’ll wake up from our slumber.
The Galaxy’s rhythm is your idealism.
The cycle of dreaming produces a stunning dance.
One, two – the Galaxy’s rhythem is your ideal rhythm.
Start dancing in this very moment.
World Order (repeat)

Both profound darkness and the light of hope
lurk within us. As the curtain is raised for another era,
We’ll cross the bridge to another world.
The Galaxy’s rhythm is your idealism.
The cycle of dreaming produces a stunning dance.
One, two – the Galaxy’s rhythem is your ideal rhythm.
Start dancing in this very moment.
World Order (repeat)
No chaos, no order
Know chaos, know order
World Order (repeat)

Last Dance
Life is never promised.
Someday we pass through time –
The world just stops
Under silent control.
The last dance of ground,
I dance as I feel.
On the platform where trains never come,
This reality faintly shines.
Last Dance (repeat)

Like leaves blowing in the wind,
Feeling the sky of Tokyo
To the first place I sleep.
Now, with a small ring of power –
Gives smiles to sadness.
The last dance of ground,
I dance as I feel.
At the crossing crowded with figures
The reality faintly shining.
Last dance (repeat)



26 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. M-R
    Jan 27, 2015 @ 15:42:13

    They’re a really impressive group, Kanzen !


  2. Let's CUT the Crap!
    Jan 27, 2015 @ 17:29:30

    These guys are hypnotizing. I can’t get enough of them. ❤ Thanks, Kanzen.


  3. Victoria C. Slotto
    Jan 27, 2015 @ 22:31:58

    Thanks for sharing this with us and I appreciate your comments on my blog.


  4. bkpyett
    Jan 28, 2015 @ 03:42:07

    Terrific! Great thoughts and good vibe! Thanks Kanzen for showing us these videos.


  5. katiemiafrederick
    Jan 28, 2015 @ 15:08:48

    A dance of life.. could certainly be a Universal language for A New World Order…

    i suppose how to inspire it.. is the question at foot..:)


    • kanzensakura
      Jan 28, 2015 @ 15:17:55

      The group is extremely popular in Japan and actually, in places over here. they are electric in live performance. their words, as you can tell by the translations I provided, do speak of changes – internally and externally. Many of their songs address that and how we are the ones responsible for making the changes and one does need to start somewhere. I’ve been following the music of the group and their interpretive dancing for several years. Of course, LOL, it helps to understand the words!


  6. nikibayard
    Jan 29, 2015 @ 19:25:38

    oh gosh! boy was this post a surprise, order chaos, yes!
    thank mother father god for art and smiles 🙂
    blessed be


  7. Sarah
    Feb 01, 2015 @ 08:53:18

    You know how I feel about these guys, Mr G.S. in particular. [Wipes drool from keyboard.] I loved them before I knew what they were singing about, now I love them even more. Thanks for the translations. ❤


  8. Björn Rudberg (brudberg)
    Feb 03, 2015 @ 04:00:49

    Impressive poems.. I almost begin singing myself.. Tank you we need to talk about the importance of ambiguity .. chaos and order .. good and bad.. handle the balance is the only way.. a lot like dancing.


    • kanzensakura
      Feb 03, 2015 @ 19:56:06

      Yes, indeed. Life is a dance. I am going to post a fun one of their videos for Valentine’s day. You see the dichotomy in Japan all the time – chaos, order, constant cacophony but silence is much valued. You see the moving from one world to another, contrasts. In the tea ceremony, there is much ritual, meditation but at the end, you have an over the top sweet. My favorite is green tea mochi with almond filling. Before going into the ceremony, if in a garden, there is a small house, a “gate” to the ceremony. You pass through that gate from the outside world to an inner world. One sees, on a regular daily basis, in the submways and trains, people whose job it is to stuff people into the trains so more can get where they are going. All these people stuffed cheek to jowl but careful to not really touch – they may touch but there is a mental separation. Discourteous touching is very much frowned upon and you can be arrested and disgraced for it. Silence is one of their ways to handle the balance…the concept of chinmoku – social silence, silence to denote truth, defiance, knowledge. It is also one of the concepts of haiku – you paint that brief moment in time but it is rife with chinmoku – the silence between the notes. Not timing of the music but the true silence between the notes, the silence your mind paints, your imagination creates. Although I like writing freeform poetry and loved the Maudern cinquain, I most enjoy haiku and haiku more than senryu. I hope you will enjoy the video for Valentine’s. It is a lot of fun and typical of boy meets girl. it also brings up an aspect of modern Japanese culture – how hard it is for singles to connect and how many prefer being single. Clubs for single men, single women with hosts/hostesses. you can go drink and converse and feel part of a couple for a bit without sex or pressure. the hosts/hostesses are paid to make you think you are interesting and entertaining. I could go on and on. sorry to be so talkative about this. You probably know all of this already anyway.


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