Wonderful Wednesday: Guinness Cheddar Biscuits

Guinness Cheddar Biscuits

Guinness Cheddar Biscuits

St. Patrick’s day is coming and in a few days, everybody will be wearing green or wanting to be kissed because they’re Irish! Even my Japanese friends wear buttons declaring, “Kiss Me! I’m Irish!”. I’m not much for beer, domestic or imported. But…I do love Guinness Stout and I like it draft, room temperature. I also enjoy Black and Tans – one half each of Harp and Guinness Stout.

And…here is the best of both worlds – Southern US and Ireland. You don’t have to wait until St. Patrick’s Day to serve and enjoy these. Kiss These Biscuits! They’re Good!

2 cups flour
1 ½ teaspoons salt
3 teaspoons baking powder
1 cup shredded sharp cheddar
4 tablespoons butter
2 tbs. minced chives (optional)
¾ cup Guinness (or stout or dark beer)
1 tablespoon milk

Directions: Preheat the oven to 450 degrees, and prepare a sheet pan with a silpat or a sheet of parchment paper or other non-stick liner. In a bowl, combine the flour, salt, and baking powder. Add cheddar cheese and mix together until well blended or, pulse in food processor. Cut in the butter until you have a coarse crumb. Mix in optional chives. Add beer and mix (or pulse) until you have a uniform dough. Transfer the dough to a lightly floured surface and pat into a rectangle. Cut the dough into 8 pieces. Place the dough on the baking sheet and lightly brush with a a little milk. Bake for 10 minutes. I like to brush with some melted butter before serving. NOTE: Any margarine with a high water content or heart smart spread will not work for this recipe. I do suggest using real butter. And because these are for St. Patrick’s day, I will be using imported Irish Butter!

vintage poster

vintage poster


17 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Let's CUT the Crap!
    Mar 11, 2015 @ 17:08:36

    These sound good, and nice and easy as well. Maybe will make next time we have a stew? Can children eat it? Wonder if I can buy just a sample size of Guinness (or stout or dark beer). Sounds comforting. ❤


  2. Bernice
    Mar 11, 2015 @ 20:15:40

    Looks fab! And how funny I plan on making something similar this weekend! Happy Patty’s Day!!


  3. 365dniwobiektywielg
    Mar 16, 2015 @ 11:07:10

    Cookies certainly tasty, but I do not have time for their execution. Can regale? 😉


    • kanzensakura
      Mar 16, 2015 @ 11:44:16

      These are not cookies. the American word for cookie is cookie. A biscuit is larger, denser, thicker…it is a quick break and only takes about 25 minutes to mix, pat out, cut and bake. These are different from most biscuits in that they have the taste of Guiness rather than a buttery or buttermilk flavor most biscuits have. these are very good with hearty meals. A regular biscuit is good with any type meal and for breakfast spread with marmalade or jam.


  4. wholeproduction
    Mar 16, 2015 @ 12:15:04

    Sounds yummie!


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