Weekend Groove

All those years ago
…so many miles between then and now
Wish I had a penny for every cherry blossom
petal that has fallen since then….
I’d be a zillionaire, y’know?

But now, all these years up to now
I hear this and I remember
all those petals falling
around us and this song
on the radio.
I taught you to cha-cha

All those years ago
if we had known how
fragile and swirling was time
and today,
how the wind blows those
small petals back
into the sky

Do they make it across the ocean?
Do they ever fall on your hair
or touch your skin
I’d be a zillionaire now
if I had a penny for every tear.

This version of this song is from the series, Live At Daryl’s House. Good series. If you haven’t done so, check out on YouTube.

9 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. billgncs
    Mar 28, 2015 @ 23:24:56

    sometimes my cash on hand is a zillion memories – not sure about you, but I’m old enough to have counted a few cherry blossom tears. Nice


    • kanzensakura
      Mar 29, 2015 @ 12:02:11

      If only they spent like money! I know my mom would certainly the recipient of some of the good things that would come of it. Cherry blossom time always makes me solemn.


  2. Tina Blackledge
    Mar 29, 2015 @ 03:45:33



  3. Let's CUT the Crap!
    Mar 29, 2015 @ 09:03:58

    Haunting and wistful, Kansn. Soft and gentle as a floating cherry blossom. ❤


  4. Björn Rudberg (brudberg)
    Mar 30, 2015 @ 05:28:32

    Tying the cherry blossoms to tears in the end is so beautiful


    • kanzensakura
      Mar 30, 2015 @ 10:26:21

      I think a lot of us think of those petals as tears. The Samurai were often matched up (can’t think of a better word, my brain is tired) with them as the life of the cherry blossom and the Samurai were both so glorious and fleeting. But they are so lovely on the tree and then when they begin to fall in a “snow”…


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