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I have linked this to dVerse Poets Pub for Open Link Night. Spring, especially the time of cherry and plum blossoms is a time of deep melancholy for me. I am extremely aware of impermanence, the passing of things (Mono no aware 物の哀れ and mujo 無常). The nature of the blossoms: we eagerly await their coming and enjoy the beauty at the same time, knowing how brief is their beauty and therefore, grieve the passing of the blooms.  The Japanese word for the Milky Way is : amanogawa, River of Heaven.

copyrighted image by Kanzensakura

copyrighted image by Kanzensakura

Bare plum tree – skeleton
Sleeping upright in deep snow,
Shivers in wind dreams.

Plum tree awakes – buds
Sprout tiny and vulnerable
Awaiting spring warmth.

The first plum blossom:
Sweet star shines under blue sky
Birds make their wishes

Plum tree blossoms – pink
Constellations now earthbound.
Heavenly river.

Pink stars laugh for a
Day – rains rush overnight – stars
Fade, fall onto grass.
Wind blows petals away – all
Things grow faint and die away.

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  1. Jennifer Wagner
    Apr 09, 2015 @ 17:27:42

    The time of plum blossoms does seem to pass too quickly. At least they do arrive and we can enjoy, albeit for short time. Lovely photo to accompany your seasonal piece, Kanzensakura.


  2. Gabriella
    Apr 09, 2015 @ 17:32:36

    The transient blossoming season reminds us of our transient nature but we do enjoy its beauty.


  3. Mary
    Apr 09, 2015 @ 17:51:39

    This is such a reflective poem.. In every awakening, in every blossom, in every seed that brings life there is also the eventuality of death. Yes, things grow faint and die away, but we have to enjoy them as long as we have them & not think too far into the future.


  4. Mary
    Apr 09, 2015 @ 17:52:42

    On another note, I am wondering how you would like to be addressed within my comments. Do you prefer “Hayes” or……? I am never quite sure.


  5. Grace
    Apr 09, 2015 @ 18:08:29

    That’s how it is with life, isn’t it ~ But that’s how we treasure moments like pink plum blossoms as we are always aware it will eventually fall & fade away ~ Lovely verses as always ~


  6. billgncs
    Apr 09, 2015 @ 19:57:01

    sometimes the melancholy of change comes from the view of choosing to look forward or looking back.

    I too always miss the blossoms – though on our old street it was crab apple trees and dogwoods that lined the street on either side – a royal wedding of white an pink in spring and so quickly to pass.


    • kanzensakura
      Apr 09, 2015 @ 20:05:57

      Crabapple blooms are so gorgeous. My pink and white dogs are starting to bud out for blooming in a couple of weeks, as are the azaleas. These beautiful blooms, so brief but so magnificent to enjy while we can.


  7. Dusty Writes
    Apr 09, 2015 @ 22:24:22

    This is such lovely poetry–and I relate, to at least some degree, to the melancholy you feel. Each year I yearn for the cherry blossoms, and then fret and go into a “decline” as they begin to go–and are gone.


  8. Let's CUT the Crap!
    Apr 09, 2015 @ 22:42:22

    I appreciate how this is broken down layer by layer. The short life of a plum tree, step by lowly, yet glorious step. 😀


  9. claudia
    Apr 09, 2015 @ 23:30:30

    yesterday i saw that the first cherry blossoms are on the trees… it made me wanna dance.. smiles
    i think buds always reminds me of new life as well – and also of how fragile life is… a beautiful verse..


  10. C.C.
    Apr 10, 2015 @ 00:32:41

    The whole poem is lovely, but the last stanza in particular is utterly divine 🙂


  11. Madeleine Begun Kane (@MadKane)
    Apr 10, 2015 @ 03:14:12

    How lovely! And it’s nice to meet a fellow oboe player. 🙂


  12. MarinaSofia
    Apr 10, 2015 @ 08:16:19

    Far too brief… I’m just reading Genji Monogatari now and it’s all about the transient nature of plants and human life… but oh, so beautiful!


  13. The Course of Our Seasons
    Apr 10, 2015 @ 14:32:47

    The passage of time in a cherry blossom – lovely. Today our hills are filled with blossoms – redbud, service berry and dogwood – so gorgeous and so ephemeral –


    • kanzensakura
      Apr 10, 2015 @ 14:43:02

      Our dogwoods have not yet bloomed but the redbuds are beginning. They are all so lovely. The wild pears and plums have been blooming on the hillsides and woods. Yes, they are all too brief so we just have to enjoy them twice as much.


  14. Desmond, Anthony (@iamEPanthony)
    Apr 10, 2015 @ 17:09:03

    ah, yes everything has it’s time… it’s all about enjoying the moment and letting the passing be an afterthought. Gorgeous imagery


  15. Delaina Miller (@DelainaMiller)
    Apr 10, 2015 @ 17:09:43

    Beautiful images and sound. I can almost smell the blooms. Cheers!


  16. Victoria C. Slotto
    Apr 10, 2015 @ 17:12:54

    Such a delicate treatment of the transience of things with that wondrous feel of Japanese poets. I savored this.


    • kanzensakura
      Apr 10, 2015 @ 17:15:18

      Thank you. This simple Southern woman greatly appreciates your kind words.


    • kanzensakura
      Apr 10, 2015 @ 23:52:25

      I am so glad! In spite of the impermanence, I do love this time of year. Years ago I bought cherry blossom perfume in Japan. it came in a beautiful pink bottle with impressions of cherry blossoms so you look through the glass of the bottle and see them, pink and perfect. I keep it in my kitchen window to remind me to savor the brevity of beauty in our lives.


  17. Alex Dissing (@AlexDissing)
    Apr 10, 2015 @ 17:28:14

    You really gave life to the imagery in this poem, I could see it very clearly. Well done!


  18. Björn Rudberg (brudberg)
    Apr 11, 2015 @ 00:57:36

    I agree.. We are always aware of the briefness of the blossom.. It marks another year. So many reason for melancholy… Yet the beauty can never be denied


    • kanzensakura
      Apr 11, 2015 @ 15:19:03

      No, it never can be denied. The inspiration and hope given by such beauty lasts so much longer so I suppose in a way, the blooms last as long as the hope. No one noticed all the verses were haiku except for the tanka at the end! ☹ I hope your holiday is/was going well!


  19. thotpurge
    Apr 11, 2015 @ 01:33:36

    Oh yes.. gather ye rosebuds while ye may… to quote Herrick. Transitory isn’t it, everything!


  20. lupitatucker
    Apr 11, 2015 @ 13:32:02

    Transitory, brief, perennial, yet fleeting … as all beauty is. But we seek it out to inspire us, to hope upon, and wish upon, humans and creatures alike. I love this:

    The first plum blossom:
    Sweet star shines under blue sky
    Birds make their wishes


    • kanzensakura
      Apr 11, 2015 @ 15:14:19

      I am so glad you do. I love that verse myself and watching the birds hopping about, looking up and I imagined them wishing for lots of worms and bugs and a good wind.


  21. Glenn Buttkus
    Apr 11, 2015 @ 21:18:29

    “the briefness of the blossoms” indeed; what sweetness & Asian tenderness you shared with us. We have lots of neighbor’s with cherry trees of several sorts. We watch our tulip tree go for broke with its huge pink & white blossoms, & then cover the lawn & natio a week later, as the healthy green leaves push out.


    • kanzensakura
      Apr 11, 2015 @ 21:59:28

      Tulip trees are so very splendid! We had several and for some reason in our area, they were called tulip magnolias. In a few months, I’ll switch around to ol’ Southern girl and begin rhapsodizing about summer tomatoes! Thank you so much for your comments, always appreciated.


  22. Bryan Ens
    Apr 11, 2015 @ 23:34:13

    another lovely set of haiku…and I love how you ended it with a tanka. A wonderful “circle of life” type set.


  23. sheridegrom - From the literary and legislative trenches.
    Apr 12, 2015 @ 08:38:34

    Nature fits this verse as only an early awakening can. My plum tree has bloomed and the petals have gone, washed away by intense rain. Again, wonderful writing.


  24. wholeproduction
    Apr 12, 2015 @ 13:02:20

    Vice poem..you are so lucky because you know Japanese.


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