Today at NaPoWriMo12, we are to write a descriptive paragraph describing a favorite meal, a person, food, whatever and then remove all the unnecessary words such as and, the and make a poem from paragraph. I wrote today about one of my deep and abiding loves: home grown summer tomatoes!

Summer Tomatoes

Summer tomatoes:
tangy, full of juice,
warmed by sun – cherished –
awaited with longing,
beheld with awe –
price beyond rubies;
soulmate to butter beans and corn.

copyright kanzensakura

copyright kanzensakura

15 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. billgncs
    Apr 12, 2015 @ 17:28:11

    We used to get one off the vine, bring it in , cut a slice off of mom’ homemade bread add a touch of mayo – and viola the perfect meal


    • kanzensakura
      Apr 12, 2015 @ 19:14:17

      It is indeed the perfect meal. We always called them sink sandwiches – the juice would make the bread come apart and travel down your arm. So we’d eat them over the sink. I’m looking forward to this summer!


  2. andysmerdon
    Apr 13, 2015 @ 02:38:01

    Juiced, sliced, fried or baked… I love them 🙂 Nice poem.


    • kanzensakura
      Apr 13, 2015 @ 08:25:59

      Thank you! And here is a cool easy way too that my father did: Take a tomato and cut off the top and hollow out, sprinkle salt and pepper inside, crack an egg into the tomato, drizzle w/melted butter or margarine, a bit more salt and pepper on the egg. Top with a few bits of bacon and bake a baking dish in the oven at 425 for about 30 – 40 minutes depending on how well you like your egg. Excellent!


  3. Let's CUT the Crap!
    Apr 13, 2015 @ 08:37:10

    I’ll have to try the baked egg in hollowed tomato. Can’t wait.
    Wonderful poem has me salivating for a sun-warmed tomato picked and immediately eaten. Yum. ❤


  4. purehaiku
    Apr 13, 2015 @ 09:55:40

    your poem make my mouth water!


  5. Björn Rudberg (brudberg)
    Apr 14, 2015 @ 16:08:59

    Oh I just wish for sun-warm tomatoes.. nothing really compares to them.. sweet like fruit.


    • kanzensakura
      Apr 14, 2015 @ 16:39:36

      In this part of the country, many of the varieties are tart and sharp. I grow a variety that I describe as so tart and sassy, before you can grab a slice with your fork, it will jump off the plate and slap you a couple of times. I do grow a sweeter variety for making sauce to can but the tart variety is my favorite. Makes a wonderful tomato sandwich.


  6. lightwalker1
    Apr 19, 2015 @ 02:31:22

    A beautiful phrase “Soulmate to butter beans and corn”


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