Quadrille Monday

Today is Quadrille Monday at dVerse and I am prompting.  The word for today is “skip” and the variants of “skip”.  Come visit us and don’t skip reading the poems.  Poems must use the prompt word and not counting the title, be exactly 44 words in length, no more, no less.    https://dversepoets.com/2016/05/02/quadrille-8/

Skipping Hearts
You took me in your hand –
Felt the edges of me,
Weighed me in your hand
then looking at the horizon,
Pulled back your arm and threw me
Across the ocean of your heart –
skipped me
until I sunk in the depths


29 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. kim881
    May 02, 2016 @ 15:07:44

    Oh, I just love these lines: ‘Pulled back your arm and threw me
    Across the ocean of your heart’!


  2. whimsygizmo
    May 02, 2016 @ 15:08:53

    Oh, MY. LOVE this, Toni! We were on the same “wave”length today. 😉


  3. jillys2016
    May 02, 2016 @ 15:25:09

    ‘Ocean of your heart’ is so expansive! Very alive.


  4. Björn Rudberg (brudberg)
    May 02, 2016 @ 15:30:13

    Oh what a sad and perfect metaphor… Love how you used the word


  5. lillian
    May 02, 2016 @ 15:43:40

    oooh….the idea of throwing and skipping and then the depths…amazing metaphor here. I think I like best thinking about the “ocean of your heart.”


  6. Carol J Forrester
    May 02, 2016 @ 16:20:34



  7. The Literary Doc
    May 02, 2016 @ 16:20:48

    What I really like about this poem is that it walks the line between love, and what feels like the fear of love. Or the danger of it. Nice job,


  8. Linda Kruschke
    May 02, 2016 @ 16:35:44

    I can’t decide if this is joyful or sad. I suppose it depends on whether the heart was true. Very nice.


  9. Patti
    May 02, 2016 @ 18:16:03

    This is a wonderful metaphor. I love it.


  10. ihatepoetry
    May 02, 2016 @ 18:33:00

    AGh! The surprise at the end was great!


  11. Grace
    May 02, 2016 @ 18:42:36

    Love these lines best Toni though the ending was harsh :

    Across the ocean of your heart –
    skipped me
    until I sunk in the depths


  12. Bodhirose
    May 02, 2016 @ 20:07:44

    That’s quite a graphic picture/metaphor you describe there…hurling you across the ocean of his heart. Powerful, Toni!


  13. Arcadia Maria
    May 02, 2016 @ 20:19:24

    Oooh I like this a lot, especially those last lines 4 lines


  14. lynn__
    May 02, 2016 @ 21:42:23

    A tragic love poem…an epic skip and sinking.


  15. Candy
    May 02, 2016 @ 23:09:18

    oh, this is heart wrenching


  16. Misky
    May 03, 2016 @ 07:24:40

    Hopefully you know how to bounce!


  17. Raivenne
    May 03, 2016 @ 12:55:02

    “across the ocean of your heart” Oh the emotional vastness implied of something so physically small. I love that.


  18. http://vivinfrance.wordpress.com
    May 03, 2016 @ 14:59:31

    A charming love story


  19. Rosemary Nissen-Wade
    May 04, 2016 @ 08:36:03

    The skipping stone becomes a powerful metaphor!


  20. Victoria C. Slotto
    May 05, 2016 @ 20:24:01

    Whew–this is so good, Toni. Wonderful sensual write.


  21. kanzensakura
    May 05, 2016 @ 20:48:58

    One of those that wrote itself – even to the number of words. I surprise myself.


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