Open Link Night #174 – Honeysuckle

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Scent of HoneysuckleSuikazura no kaori
Sitting on my back steps at 2:00 a.m.
Black night, dark of the moon.
The night air is warm as bathwater
and fragrant with the sweet smell of honeysuckle.

Clover blossoms like earthbound stars
glow in the galaxy of grass at my feet.
I close my eyes breathing deeply –
Honeysuckle – rich, irresistible.

The ancient tangled vines lure me
to them and I brush the small trumpet blooms
with delicate fingers.
I take a few sprigs back with to my seat on the steps.
and tuck them into the braid of my hair –
Queen of the honeysuckle fairies…

It is peaceful at 2:00 a.m.
My small kingdom is at rest and
sleeping – honeysuckle perfume lulls.

Honeysuckle breathes
into the summer night – dreams
gentle and long past. public domain public domain

42 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Björn Rudberg (brudberg)
    Jun 09, 2016 @ 15:39:33

    I do love the smell of honeysuckle, it’s so nocturnal.. and even if the sun really never sets here it’s a wonder how it can lull you…


  2. Glenn Buttkus
    Jun 09, 2016 @ 15:58:39

    Queen of the honeysuckle fairies indeed; a delicious foray into 2 am & olfactory loveliness. You did not respond to my email request… again it is I’m doing some house cleaning & have three beautiful Japanese samurai movie posters I would like to send you, with you practicing & understanding bushido. One of them is a Mifune.


    Jun 09, 2016 @ 16:43:57

    My favorite lines:

    The ancient tangled vines lure me
    to them and I brush the small trumpet blooms
    with delicate fingers.

    Awesome writing and your creativity is always amazing. 🙂


  4. therisa
    Jun 09, 2016 @ 16:45:25

    My dad never planted any honeysuckle, in the various beds, over the years, but, do remember, sitting on the backyard deck steps, and smelling the clematis, during the muggy late nights, in southern Ontario.


    • kanzensakura
      Jun 09, 2016 @ 17:09:51

      This honeysuckle wasn’t planted – it is wild and grows all over everywhere. Do you know the scent of jasmine or gardenias? Very similar in scent. I am glad this reminded you of the peaceful times. I hope it will bring you future peace.


  5. kim881
    Jun 09, 2016 @ 16:49:47

    Hi Toni! I have honeysuckle outside my window and your poem reached out to me – I have to open the window now to breathe in the sweet scent.


  6. ihatepoetry
    Jun 09, 2016 @ 17:02:26

    I loved how you captured the tranquility, the safety of being in one’s own backyard. This was exquisite. I’d ask to join you, but I fear it’d wreck this glorious solitude you’ve created. Loved very much. 🙂 Mosk


    • kanzensakura
      Jun 09, 2016 @ 17:07:41

      Hi Mosk. Thank you very much. you can come and sit as long as you are silent and don’t scare the bunnies that sneak up at night. Between the stars, bunnies, and progressing deer, it is very silent and still and I just try to fit in.


  7. Pleasant Street
    Jun 09, 2016 @ 17:25:08

    Lovely words and lovely scent of this kingdom you preside over…


  8. Grace
    Jun 09, 2016 @ 17:34:01

    I love that smell and to be the Queen of the honeysuckle fairies, is lovely ~ I can’t imagine being awake at that time so I am just imagining how glorious the night stars are ~


    • kanzensakura
      Jun 11, 2016 @ 20:45:32

      The stars were glorious. I often cannot sleep and this is the time I just sit back and drift. I loved the interview and pics with you at Poets United by Sherry.


  9. freyathewriter
    Jun 09, 2016 @ 17:41:43

    Ah, honeysuckle, what a beautiful flower and a gorgeous perfume. I could smell them as i read your lovely poem.


  10. Sanaa Rizvi
    Jun 09, 2016 @ 18:08:05

    This is absolutely gorgeous writing Toni ❤ love that honeysuckle 🙂

    Lots of love,


  11. Victoria C. Slotto
    Jun 09, 2016 @ 18:46:19

    This speaks to me today because, this morning, while walking the dogs, they stopped to smell the honeysuckle (maybe for a different reason) and I had to join them. Our neighborhood abounds with it. Earthbound stars, indeed! Lovely use of imagery throughout.


    • kanzensakura
      Jun 11, 2016 @ 20:43:37

      I am so glad you enjoyed. I am catching up on my comments, now replying to comments made to me. Your furry critters were probably smelling a passing cat or another dog. But it is nice to think of them smelling as we do. They are such happy critters.


  12. Arcadia Maria
    Jun 09, 2016 @ 20:29:32

    Favorite lines: “The night air is warm as bathwater/and fragrant with the sweet smell of honeysuckle.”


  13. jillys2016
    Jun 09, 2016 @ 21:00:05

    Oh! Beautiful! You take me back to my Carolina days. I remember the kids sucking the sweetness from the blossoms… and there it is, that James Taylor song! Thanks for taking me there!


  14. Anna
    Jun 09, 2016 @ 21:01:00

    Gorgeous and evocative. Beautifully crafted!


  15. Candy
    Jun 09, 2016 @ 21:17:22

    this has such a feeling of peace


  16. thotpurge
    Jun 09, 2016 @ 21:57:46

    So fragrant! The night air is warm as bathwater – beautifully written!


  17. Sasha A. Palmer
    Jun 09, 2016 @ 23:05:07

    My favorite image:
    “Clover blossoms like earthbound stars
    glow in the galaxy of grass at my feet.”


  18. Misky
    Jun 10, 2016 @ 06:05:44

    I love honeysuckle, and this is a lovely tribute to its allure.


    Jun 10, 2016 @ 10:10:39

    That’s the best poem I’ve read all day. Gorgeous.


  20. lillian
    Jun 10, 2016 @ 12:21:28

    I adore the scent and delicate blooms of honeysuckle. I can just picture you with a spring in your hair and that scent always with you! 🙂


  21. hypercryptical
    Jun 10, 2016 @ 16:07:26

    Gorgeous words indeed and how wonderful ‘The night air is warm as bathwater’ – what Heaven it must have been.
    Anna :o]


  22. kaykuala (@hankkaykuala)
    Jun 11, 2016 @ 20:59:38

    The night air is warm as bathwater
    and fragrant with the sweet smell of honeysuckle

    It is beautiful and the aroma overpowering!



  23. Barry D.
    Jun 12, 2016 @ 20:35:52

    “Clover blossoms like earthbound stars
    glow in the galaxy of grass at my feet.
    I close my eyes breathing deeply –
    Honeysuckle – rich, irresistible.”

    You have a knack for bringing midnight senses alive through your words. Lovely.


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