MTB: Make Music of Those Words

It’s Thursday at the dVerse Poets Pub and this Thurday, it is Meeting the Bar, which means we all write to a specific word, theme, form – given out by the dVerse Prompter. Today it is Victoria; a true lady, amazing poet, lover of her husband and their dogs, good friend, and most excellent prompter of forms or themese. Today she is asking us to write musically – to use musical terms, or a theme, or a concept – to turn our poetry, lives, experiences into music. Come join us!

New Music
today starts with the music of a
low tuned cello – slow, hesitant, dolorous.
No more lively forays into the forest
to play my violin,
to let my music dance through the trees
giving the birds something different to
listen to or sing along to –
now my days are filled with lonely hours.
No one calls,
no one visits,
no one emails.
My husband is at work.
I bake cinnamon rolls.
Now it is only my mother and myself
going through the same routine.
Routine is good for her and
doesn’t disrupt her memories.
Every day is a slow waltz –
it does get lonely.
but there is sweetness in the days as well.
a swirl of dolce de leche
in the bitter coffee of the day.
I watch my mother – calando.
The sun fades.

19 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. ladynyo
    Dec 07, 2016 @ 15:39:12

    Oh, this is beautiful and heartbreaking. I had to look up ‘calando’. A perfect word for the situation. The bittersweet…how I envy you!


  2. Victoria C. Slotto
    Dec 07, 2016 @ 19:02:00

    What you are going through is so representative of the season as we experience now, the harbinger of loss, the chill (we are watching snow coming our way, soon). You have evoked the mood and the contrast of your violin, the dance in your woods, the musical notations you have used are so perfect. Especially calando. I feel it in my bones. Hugs coming your way.


  3. navasolanature
    Dec 08, 2016 @ 11:31:18

    This really builds up slowly as a musical piece and the need for some routine and baking in these darkening days. How difficult it is to watch the decline of life, memory and loss.


  4. kim881
    Dec 08, 2016 @ 15:26:22

    This is doubly heartbreaking as I understand what you are going through, Toni. You’ve written this so beautifully. We are lucky that we have music and poetry to vent our feelings.


  5. Glenn Buttkus
    Dec 08, 2016 @ 15:34:52

    Yes,music & poetry & photography do come in handy as cracks slowly form in the heart, as each of us, in turn, are appointed the death watch. You rocked the prompt for sure; long distance hugs & white light heading your way.


  6. erbiage
    Dec 08, 2016 @ 17:02:24

    This is beauty and sadness. Just like life. A fine poem


  7. Bryan Ens
    Dec 08, 2016 @ 17:17:10

    calando – that one is a new word for me…would have worked perfect for my “rallendando and diminuendo”
    Beautiful, yet heartbreaking poem.


  8. Waltermarks
    Dec 08, 2016 @ 17:48:30

    but there is sweetness in the days as well.
    a swirl of dolce de leche
    in the bitter coffee of the day.
    I watch my mother – calando.
    The sun fades.

    That’s a beautiful finish, contrast of the sweet dolce de Leche to the bitterness of the day,


  9. whimsygizmo
    Dec 08, 2016 @ 18:10:42

    slow, hesitant, dolorous — this is just beautiful.

    That “calando” does me in, though. Perfect, perfect term. And heartbreaking. Hugs to you, Toni.


  10. Sanaa Rizvi
    Dec 09, 2016 @ 00:06:12

    This is soo beautiful Toni ❤️ I can really feel the ‘calando’ at the end.. Big hugs!


  11. Björn Rudberg (brudberg)
    Dec 09, 2016 @ 04:09:24

    The calando I have seen too much of… I hope you have some time for your violin later. A sad and poignant piece.


  12. Misky
    Dec 09, 2016 @ 06:05:52

    I find this strangely comforting, and I suspect your mother would also. “My husband is at work. I bake cinnamon rolls.”


  13. lynn__
    Dec 09, 2016 @ 09:08:13

    Bless you, Toni…i can smell the cinnamon rolls and smile.


  14. paulscribbles
    Dec 09, 2016 @ 10:10:35

    Oh my word. Despite what I can only guess are the difficulties and challenges with the current situation, you have presented here a beautiful sense of witnessing, from a still and profoundly deep place. This is a beautiful piece of writing in and of itself, but in the context in which it is set it is way way beyond that. Incredible.


  15. lillian
    Dec 12, 2016 @ 12:10:20

    Very late to commenting…spent the weekend at my daughters and saw my two young grandchildren in a Nutcracker production.
    This is so very beautiful Toni. The music gets slower, hopefully calm, as we shift roles with our parents and they become the children needing our parental care. Quiet days……hopefully serenity and a calming music of memories and sips of tea or coffee, a holding of hands.
    Wishing you the serenity of caring……


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