dVerse Poets Pub: Quadrille Monday

Monday at dVerse Poets Pub, the post for Quadrille Monday will go live.  It is the first posting for the new year here at the Pub and we are pleased to have Bjorn hosting it.  He has chosen the word “curl” to include in your 44 word poem (not including the title).  So drop by at dVerse to read these wonderful short poems and to submit your own!  I am submitting two poems containing the word “curl”.

the days have knit themselves
into a pattern of sameness –
an afghan in shades of grey.
like the winter sky and trees.
the elderly woman settles down to sleep.
the younger woman brushes the curls off
her forehead and whispers,
Sleep mama, sleep.

I found out today where Nobody’s Cat
goes after I feed him in the morning.
I looked out the back way and
saw him limping laboriously
over the back lawn
crawling under the potting shed.
Brown leaves curl back onto themselves
not showing his passing.

42 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Let's CUT the Crap!
    Jan 01, 2017 @ 18:33:59

    The first gave me pause and the second one made me smile. Both paint delicate but clear stories. ❤ ❤ ❤


  2. maria
    Jan 01, 2017 @ 23:41:44

    I agree. Two opposite scenes well painted with 44 words. Beautifully done, Toni~


  3. Victoria Young
    Jan 01, 2017 @ 23:52:11

    Both are beautifully written!


  4. thotpurge
    Jan 02, 2017 @ 03:24:45

    Beautifully done, the closing lines really work!


  5. navasolanature
    Jan 02, 2017 @ 13:50:14

    This is so well contrasted and the cat curling up wins my heart.


  6. Björn Rudberg (brudberg)
    Jan 03, 2017 @ 15:32:51

    I know these are so close to your heart (both of them) to me these are among your best poems I have read… wonderful as pair I think.


  7. angieinspired
    Jan 03, 2017 @ 16:50:10

    so very delicate, both of them. haunting & memorable


  8. sarahsouthwest
    Jan 03, 2017 @ 17:18:06

    like both, particularly the first one. Like a Jane Austen miniature.


  9. Grace
    Jan 03, 2017 @ 17:55:33

    I love both of them Toni – speaks of warmth and coziness ~


  10. whimsygizmo
    Jan 03, 2017 @ 18:08:58

    Oh, Toni. I love them both, but the first one touches me deeply.
    Love “an afghan in shades of grey.” and the sweet brushing of that curl. Goodness.


  11. Oloriel
    Jan 03, 2017 @ 18:17:04

    There was special warmth felt in both poems, the first one felt like a sanctuary.


  12. frankhubeny
    Jan 03, 2017 @ 19:02:05

    I have wondered where some of those cats disappear to also.


  13. Arcadia Maria
    Jan 03, 2017 @ 23:30:56

    You wrote 2 great poems each bringing out a different emotion.


  14. Bryan Ens
    Jan 05, 2017 @ 07:28:08

    Both beautifully done. The first is heartbreaking…I can’t fathom going through what you are going through currently. May God richly bless you as you take care of your mom.


  15. Sanaa Rizvi (@rizvi_sanaa)
    Jan 05, 2017 @ 15:07:19

    This is beautifully emotive, and I can tell you put your heart and soul into writing them both.. ❤️


  16. wolfsrosebud
    Jan 05, 2017 @ 22:35:48

    I so enjoyed this. I saw the picture through your words.


  17. lynn__
    Jan 05, 2017 @ 23:29:45

    You create evocative poetry so effortlessly, Toni! They could stand alone but fit well as a pair. Thinking of you and your mama…


  18. Rosemary Nissen-Wade
    Jan 06, 2017 @ 05:23:12

    Wonderful poems; I love them both.


  19. Victoria C. Slotto
    Jan 06, 2017 @ 19:07:41

    Oh, Toni, that first one really got to me–so much tenderness thrust into the midst of drabness and then Nobody’s Cat–aw!


  20. paulscribbles
    Jan 07, 2017 @ 09:08:23

    A lightness of brush stroke paints a deeper picture. Beautiful. Happy New Year.


  21. whippetwisdom
    Jan 07, 2017 @ 10:44:50

    They are both beautiful and carry your love in a way that is felt in both directions 💖


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