dVerse Poets Pub – Haibun Monday #2

Another entry for Haibun Monday: The best things in life are free.

The snow melted from the ground. Underneath were thousands of tiny blue flowers blooming. I am sure they must be kin to the forget-me-not but these are so very tiny and perfect. There were even a few violas mixed in with them. The grass had that curious flat appearance from being crushed under the snow which made these little flowers stand up even more so. The Japanese have a word – sumire- voice of jewels. Imagine! If jewels could sing, it would be with the soft sure voice of these tiny flowers. Blue as the sky above them they shine in the grass as if they were in a jewel box of new grass and old leaves.  Free for the taking, free for their sharing of beauty, free little flowers singing with joy at this gorgeous day.

the small shining things
of spring sing with the voices
of hidden jewels

copyright Kanzensakura

copyright Kanzensakura


17 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. frankhubeny
    Feb 20, 2017 @ 17:01:41

    I like the idea of viewing these small flowers as jewels and the ground around them as a jewel box.


  2. paul scribbles
    Feb 20, 2017 @ 17:17:25

    They do look like Forget-Me-Nots…This is delightful…so much to savor…I love the idea of Sumire…voice of jewels…could be used to describe a poet not far from here.


  3. erbiage
    Feb 20, 2017 @ 19:10:44

    Ah the voice of jewels!


  4. wolfsrosebud
    Feb 20, 2017 @ 19:17:03

    This is a sight. Once hiked a local state forest and the ground was loaded with forget-me-knots. Breath-taking…


  5. Björn Rudberg (brudberg)
    Feb 21, 2017 @ 00:41:53

    I do love the tiny forget-me-nots… the garden variety lack that fragile beauty you can only see when looking close.


  6. Jane Dougherty
    Feb 21, 2017 @ 10:05:56

    That is a gem of a haiku 🙂


  7. Bev
    Feb 21, 2017 @ 10:56:11

    The promise of Spring, so well described. Thank you for sharing those wonderful little forget-me-nots!


  8. whippetwisdom
    Feb 21, 2017 @ 16:44:18

    This is so beautiful Toni, the ‘voice of jewels’ – absolutely love this xxx


  9. Cheryl-Lynn
    Feb 21, 2017 @ 18:29:42

    What a treasure you have described…I am somewhat green with envy at tush a site!! Snow is still covering our grass but your haibun has made me aware to be vigilant and look out for such treasures in the next few months.


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