Froot Loops

Day 13 of (Friday the 13th mwahahaha) and Magaly is prompting us for the 30 Days of poetry at Real Toads. She has given us this quote and we are to use brtween 3 – 13 words from the quote to fashion our poem. I used four. This is also for the 55 at Hedge. The quote is longer than my poem.
The quote:
“People disappear when they die. Their voice, their laughter, the warmth of their breath. Their flesh. Eventually their bones. All living memory of them ceases. This is both dreadful and natural. Yet for some there is an exception to this annihilation. For in the books they write they continue to exist. We can rediscover them. Their humor, their tone of voice, their moods. Through the written word they can anger you or make you happy. They can comfort you. They can perplex you. They can alter you. All this, even though they are dead. Like flies in amber, like corpses frozen in the ice, that which according to the laws of nature should pass away is, by the miracle of ink on paper, preserved. It is a kind of magic.” ~ Diane Setterfield

Froot Loops
6:30 a.m. sharp
She began the annihilation
of her morning bowl of Froot Loops.
She crunched them as she would
old dry bones
and slurped the milk like she would
would the liquids from corpses.
Reading the morning paper
She laughed in high glee
and ripe humor.
The tyrant was in the midst
of a Stormy.

18 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sherry Marr
    Apr 13, 2018 @ 18:41:30

    This made me smile. Very cool.


  2. elleceef
    Apr 13, 2018 @ 18:58:52

    I’m smiling as she annihilates her morning bowl of Froot Loops. I would take a pass on the “liquids from corpses” Fun, well done 🙂


  3. Margaret Elizabeth Bednar
    Apr 13, 2018 @ 19:03:06

    A clever hint at political times…


  4. Rosemary Nissen-Wade
    Apr 13, 2018 @ 19:32:58

    I wonder if the slang meaning of “fruit loops” is the same in America as here? Perfect for the poem.


    • kanzensakura
      Apr 13, 2018 @ 20:35:14

      I don’t know Rosemary. Froot Loops can mean bat crap crazy or gay. So….But I think any event, as to bat crap crazy, it mos def pertains to the orange man.


  5. Magaly Guerrero
    Apr 13, 2018 @ 19:35:57

    Oh, Toni, your ending made me roar like a lunatic. Thank you for adding a darkly bright tone to a topic that makes most of us want to scream. Laughter is so much better than screaming… every time.


  6. purplepeninportland
    Apr 13, 2018 @ 20:34:19

    I laughed out loud when I finished reading this. Great poem, Toni.


  7. Jim
    Apr 13, 2018 @ 22:34:12

    Loved your ending, Toni. The whole world HAS TO LAUGH at something very important that isn’t funny.


  8. Kerry
    Apr 14, 2018 @ 05:25:05

    Hi glee, indeed.. We take our pleasure where we find it!


  9. sanaarizvi
    Apr 14, 2018 @ 06:30:22

    I absolutely adore this!💞


  10. Rommy
    Apr 14, 2018 @ 06:34:05

    Stop putting video cameras in my kitchen! Kidding, I gave up Froot Loops years ago. I eat high fiber, low sugar cereals now.


  11. annell4
    Apr 14, 2018 @ 11:21:32

    Yes, this made me laugh out loud!!


  12. hedgewitch
    Apr 14, 2018 @ 18:24:13

    Laughin hard–froot loops make great rings for tiny hands, I hear. Yeah, sometimes I laugh, sometimes I cry, to think the country that JFK led has come to this, but as they say, karma is a bitch, a Stormy one in this case. 😉 Thanks for playing 55 Toni.


  13. Vivian Zems
    Apr 14, 2018 @ 18:48:37

    She sounds dangerous!!! (LOL!)


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