San Francisco, August 1967

Today for day 25 of Nanaporno, I am posting an epistolary poem for Rommy’s prompt: Virtue or Vice. She lists for us the seven heavenly virtues and the seven deadly sins. I am letting my old muse, Dorian Gray, speak for me.
I am continuing to hang with the Toads.

Reeve Carney as Dorian Gray in Penny Dreadful

San Francisco, August 1967
“I like persons better than principles, and I like persons with no principles better than anything else in the world.” Oscar Wilde 

My Dear Arthur,
I am posting you a fast letter
from this right raucous lass of a city,
San Francisco.
A city of lust, sloth, gluttony –
All the vices one could ask for
And more.
The city abounds with restaurants,
from food eaten out of hand on the streets
to the poshest of restaurants,
some even on a par with my beloved Café Royale.
There is a “head” shop in an area called
The Haight.
One can buy any drug imaginable.
It is a sweet shop for adults!
The young people are beautiful –
Restless, peace eating, free lovers.
I shall devour them Arthur.
I shall eat and lick and fuck
them every one.
I am having a party tonight.
I wish you could be there to enjoy
them with me.
How you would delight in them.
I must go – time waits for no man, ha.ha.
Eternally yours,

26 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. annell4
    Apr 25, 2018 @ 14:27:53

    Loved the letter, wanted to attend! Was that the “Summer of Love?”


  2. Victoria C. Slotto
    Apr 25, 2018 @ 14:31:01

    Oh, yeah. That’s the Haight. I used to work nearby…in the 90’s, though.


    • kanzensakura
      Apr 25, 2018 @ 14:45:42

      A friend and I hitched across the country in 1969, the summer I graduated from high school. The Haight was becoming a mecca for gays about then. We loved San Francisco!

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  3. sanaarizvi
    Apr 25, 2018 @ 14:51:58

    My goodness you brought Dorian’s character to life in this one, Toni!💜 Exquisitely penned.


  4. qbit
    Apr 25, 2018 @ 15:22:21

    The tie in with nanoporno is too good for words.


  5. elleceef
    Apr 25, 2018 @ 18:02:45

    This would be him, Dorian. There is always a place for everyone to play and you’ve described this one to a “t”. Well done.


  6. Rosemary Nissen-Wade
    Apr 25, 2018 @ 19:46:35

    Oh, this is perfectly pitched! I especially love “Eternally yours”. (I liked “Nanaporno” too.) Nice to see your wicked side. 😀


  7. Rommy
    Apr 25, 2018 @ 20:11:55

    I’ve never read The Portrait of Dorian Gray, and I was born in the 70’s, but this sounds like a fun time.


    • kanzensakura
      Apr 25, 2018 @ 20:14:44

      It was a totally groovy time. Try Dorian Gray or the Poems of Oscar Wilde sometime. He was the wit of his time. Dorian Gray was granted long life and a portrait that showed his sins and excesses instead of on his face, thus eternally beautiful.

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  8. kim881
    Apr 26, 2018 @ 07:49:35

    First of all, Toni, thank you for the Nannaporno picture of Dorian Grey! It’s taken me so long to get around to catching up with reading and it was worth persevering just for that! You know I enjoy Dorian Grey poems, so I don’t need to tell you. However, I do need to say that I love the phrases ‘right raucous lass of a city’ and ‘sweet shop for adults’. I can just imagine Dorian running amok on the streets of San Francisco!


    • kanzensakura
      Apr 26, 2018 @ 08:11:26

      Thank you Kim. I had to remember Dorian is a true upper class Londoner and I needed to show it in some way. I cudgeled my brain and came up with those sentences. I had to remember Dorian is also a bit of an antique in spite of his decadent embracing of the then current time. I’m working on two – one of him in current time and one of him during WWII. I love my Dorian poems as well. I cannot imagine someone who has not read something of Wilde’s works. I am currently far-reaching Reading Jail and have wept at the words contained therein. I find it interesting that one of his grandsons was executor of his estate. Such a witty, sad, and living man.


  9. Vivian Zems
    Apr 26, 2018 @ 09:52:17

    Hi Toni, I was secretly hoping you would do a Dorian for us…after all, he’s most popular for his vices. The voice you give him is excellent and in keeping with his debauchery. I enjoyed this thoroughly 🙂


  10. Björn Rudberg (brudberg)
    Apr 26, 2018 @ 15:51:08

    If he had lived on into this time… i have to wonder what his portrait would look… somehow I think your Dorian has a touch of Anne Rice’s vampires. But it sounds like a fun time…. before AIDS came and changed it all.


  11. purplepeninportland
    May 05, 2018 @ 12:54:50

    Just brilliant! Love that you used the Oscar Wilde quote. My favorite part of this poem is, “eternally yours”.


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