The Flowers in the Glass

For the Camera Flash prompt today on Real Toads.

Still Life by Adolph de Meyer

The Flowers in the Glass
“My house is run, essentially, by an adopted, fully clawed cat with a mean nature.” Anthony Bourdain

The cat jumped onto the table.
She sniffed at the flowers in the glass,
casually stolen from the restaurant
where we had dinner.
He left in the middle of the meal.
I stayed and finished my meal.
The waiter told me “the gentleman” had paid for the meal
and did I want to take a box with the remains of his meal?
No I did not.
I wanted to sweep the food onto the floor
and listen to the plate crash.
I left the waiter a sizeable tip
and when he walked away,
I grabbed the flowers from the vase and ran.
Now my cat is getting ready to sweep them
onto the floor and bat them around.
I will let her.
Time for another tiny cup
of *Nihon Sakari Gokun Honjozo.
I listen to the swishing sound
of the flowers being played with by the cat
and drink another tiny cup.

*#1 the highest rated sake in the world. Tastes like melon, green apples, honey, and the smell of peonies.

13 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. coalblack
    Aug 04, 2018 @ 16:59:02

    Cats must do as they please. It is written.


  2. Helen Dehner
    Aug 04, 2018 @ 17:07:09

    …. and I say CHEERS.


  3. kim881
    Aug 05, 2018 @ 01:46:54

    A cat poem – and casually stolen flowers! Love it!


  4. Kerry
    Aug 05, 2018 @ 02:38:23

    There is a pervading sense of melancholy here.. the unfinished meal, the memento of flowers.. the slow destruction.


  5. sanaarizvi
    Aug 05, 2018 @ 05:51:57

    This is beautiful! I love the “casually stolen flowers” and that “tiny cup of Nihon Sakari Gokun Honjozo. 💕


  6. Björn Rudberg (brudberg)
    Aug 05, 2018 @ 11:20:51

    I think there are moments when a meal take time to really finish… great to have a cat that take care of the remains. Somehow the way you left it to the cat feels like a burial (but that might be me)


  7. Brendan
    Aug 06, 2018 @ 04:07:32

    Yay for the cat, and let him/her. I’d say Bourdain left the speaker at the table.


  8. Helen
    Aug 07, 2018 @ 07:45:58

    An entertaining, nicely composed piece of writing!


  9. Bekkie Sanchez
    Aug 07, 2018 @ 18:54:58

    Nice take on the prompt!


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