The Exclusion Zone

The Exclusion Zone
“I’m a radical environmentalist; I think the sooner we asphyxiate in our own filth, the better. The world will do better without us. Maybe some fuzzy animals will go with us, but there’ll be plenty of other animals, and they’ll be back.” Anthony Bourdain

We have all seen the remains of Pripyat –
the crazy doll on a mattress in a room of trash,
the empty ferris wheel that only spins for ghosts.
We have all read of the explosion at Chernobyl
and how radiation drifted across Europe.
We have all read of the breakdown in the Soviet Union.
Yeah yeah yeah.  Blah-de-blah,
but what I am talking about is –
the return of the animals to the exclusion zone.
The rampant growth of trees and other green stuff
without the interference of humans.
I am not afraid of a nuclear war or holocaust.
We humans have been such poor stewards of this earth
that we deserve to be sent back to the dark ages.
We deserve to be obliterated.
I am not going to imagine a death by radiation poisoning
or a war or a nuclear disaster.
I am going to imagine instead
a pure world where animals roam free –
where trees grow and disrupt streets
and tear apart bricks.
Yeppers.  I am not going to live in fear.


13 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Sherry Blue Sky
    Jun 29, 2019 @ 15:34:31

    I posted mine before reading yours, Toni, and am smiling to see we took the same view. What has impressed me most about Chernobyl has been how it is now the one place on the planet where wildlife are thriving – because we are not there.


  2. Björn Rudberg (brudberg)
    Jun 29, 2019 @ 16:45:38

    I think there is a lesson to be learned… and I have never been afraid for nature, it will cope… but somehow I think there are large parts of humanity that deserves a little bit better.


  3. SatyaPriya
    Jun 29, 2019 @ 21:55:15

    Mother Nature will continue. She will evolve what she wants to survive. I doubt it will be us.


  4. oldegg
    Jun 30, 2019 @ 02:34:19

    Humanity thinks it is so clever but in reality it is greedy, stupid and careless with the only planet we have to live on which is ideally suited for us but sadly we are not suitable for it!


  5. Kerry
    Jun 30, 2019 @ 09:01:03

    I am going to imagine instead
    a pure world where animals roam free –
    where trees grow and disrupt streets
    and tear apart bricks.

    Me too!!


  6. annell4
    Jun 30, 2019 @ 10:08:45

    We deserve all that we receive…we have soiled our bed, and it is time “someone” else inherits the earth. I liked what you have to say.


  7. Brendan
    Jun 30, 2019 @ 14:24:09

    I’m all in with you on getting rid of Homo sapiens — that’s radical only on the side of the departed — but it’s not just a few fuzzies that will go out with us. The microbes will do OK for a few dozen millennia, hanging in there with the humans who did everything to survive. (We’re the worst virus of all.) And no, I don’t really fear all that happening, but I sure should, and more than just for my mortal life and my wife –And more than fear, I sure as shit should be mourning the Mars we embraced.


  8. Vivian Zems
    Jun 30, 2019 @ 22:12:18

    I love the defiance in this. We are surely poor stewards…so I’ll have to agree with you.


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