Will Autumn Never Come

Will Autumn Never Come>
“August rain: the best of the summer gone, and the new fall not yet born. The odd uneven time.” ― Sylvia Plath

it is still summer –
the trees are filled with cicadas
all sawing and cracking
as if they were all members of
the End Of Summer Band.
Leaves are starting to fall –
a few at the time,
gold and crisped at the edges
like sugar cookies fresh off the cookie sheet.
The blackberry canes are bare of berries
except for a few withered ones missed by the birds
and human pickers.
I wait for that autumnal nip in the air.
I wait for the dog days of summer
to go to sleep – to curl up
on the hearth.
will autumn never come?
the night stars still sing summer.
will autumn never come?

30 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Lisa at Greenbow
    Aug 08, 2019 @ 06:49:09

    You have certainly hit the nail on the head about this time of year to me. I find this so comforting to know someone else feels it.


  2. Charmed Chaos
    Aug 08, 2019 @ 15:14:21

    What a lovely hint of what’s to come. This is stunning Toni. I especially like ‘the dog days of summer curling up on the hearth.’


  3. kim881
    Aug 08, 2019 @ 15:24:36

    I feel the same, Toni. I can’t wait for autumn and couldn’t suppress a smile at the sight of orange leaves on the cherry tree. I will savour that first autumnal nip in the air.


  4. Beverly Crawford
    Aug 08, 2019 @ 15:37:42

    Now, in my advanced years, I find autumn comes all too quickly and the seasons seem to turn as the pages of a good book …. in its last chapter!


    • kanzensakura
      Aug 08, 2019 @ 15:39:24

      Death comes to us all. I dread the deep autumn of my days having watched my mother die slowly and painfully. I fear the same ending for myself. Autumn does come quickly.


  5. Jane Dougherty
    Aug 08, 2019 @ 15:42:22

    I’d never thought of summer that way before. The fierce heat keeps coming back here between the storms, and I never long for autumn, but I feel the change in the rhythm of life. Things getting tired.


  6. Glenn A. Buttkus
    Aug 08, 2019 @ 15:45:59

    You really seem to perk up in fall and winter; a cold weather kind of gal. I must say though,, this heat wave has us all gasping.


    • kanzensakura
      Aug 08, 2019 @ 15:48:08

      LOL. Yes I do perk up in the fall and winter. It’s the Norwegian in my genetics I guess. Come one cold weather!

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  7. whippetwisdom
    Aug 08, 2019 @ 16:00:20

    A beautiful haibun Toni and yes, we are really looking forward to Autumn too! 🙂💖 xxx


  8. sdtp33
    Aug 08, 2019 @ 17:28:11

    I’m a summer person…but this is such a good poem, you’ve got me thinking….


  9. Xan
    Aug 08, 2019 @ 17:31:43

    I’ve been sitting here for the last several days, after more than a month with no rain, that I really need just one dismal rainy day. Sometimes the sunshine can be oppressive. (I’ve been trying to write about it, too, and now you’ve done it for me!)


  10. skyraftwanderer
    Aug 08, 2019 @ 17:47:40

    Beautiful writing here.

    “the night stars still sing summer.
    will autumn never come?” – digging those lines a lot.

    Great work.


  11. msjadeli
    Aug 08, 2019 @ 17:55:09

    I love the images you present in your poem, Toni. I can wait for autumn though!


  12. Frank Hubeny
    Aug 08, 2019 @ 18:11:30

    It has been rather hot this summer, but the winter was also rather cold.


  13. hhennenburg
    Aug 08, 2019 @ 18:29:30

    I share in your love and impatience for autumn and easily feel the sentiments you so skillfully relayed here.


  14. Arcadia Maria
    Aug 08, 2019 @ 18:43:37

    Great poem about the changing of seasons. Well done. I especially like these lines: ” Leaves are starting to fall –/a few at the time,/gold and crisped at the edges/
    like sugar cookies fresh off the cookie sheet.”


  15. Jennifer Wagner
    Aug 08, 2019 @ 19:04:53

    Hi Toni. Lovely and wistful poem. I enjoyed this! – Jen


  16. Grace
    Aug 08, 2019 @ 19:47:11

    Not yet for autumn please. I am still thriving under the summer heat, which is our very short season. Autumn can come much much later.


  17. memadtwo
    Aug 08, 2019 @ 23:43:52

    You’ve captured a feeling, the hints of seasonal change. I’m not ready myself. (K)


  18. Ayala Zarf
    Aug 09, 2019 @ 11:53:41

    Autumn will come …I am enjoying summer 🙂


  19. Victoria C. Slotto
    Aug 09, 2019 @ 13:44:32

    This is a delight. I especially loved the descriptions of the leaves as crisped up cookies. Brilliant.


  20. robtkistner
    Aug 12, 2019 @ 13:51:15

    Thank you for sharing this for OLN Toni. Engaging read, and well written. I love the seasonal changes, Autumn especially.


  21. Frank J. Tassone
    Aug 13, 2019 @ 11:55:13

    A yearning for summer evident in every image! Bravo!


  22. lillian
    Aug 15, 2019 @ 10:59:00

    Ah Toni…..I do adore your writing! Just catching up on my dVerse reading and always so look forward to reading your posts. The cookie comparison is fabulous….but this here….
    “the trees are filled with cicadas
    all sawing and cracking
    as if they were all members of
    the End Of Summer Band.”
    ….this made me smile. I LOVE it! 🙂 Thanks for helping me start the day with a smile on my face 🙂


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