Autumn is Coming

For Mish’s prompt at dVerse, using the art of Beverly Dyer.

Zen Tree by Beverly Dyer

Autumn is Coming

“Delicious autumn! My very soul is wedded to it, and if I were a bird I would fly about the earth seeking the successive autumns.”- George Eliot

in the midst of the forest,
autumn is coming.
vines are already golden
and trees are just starting to flaunt
that one red leaf.
up in the pine tree
the owl sits observing it all.
he watches the squirrels and chipmunks
scurrying about putting away
acorns and hickory nuts.
autumn is coming,
he hoots.
and lifting his wings he glides
over all, observing..


Owl by Beverly Dyer

22 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. Björn Rudberg (brudberg)
    Sep 03, 2019 @ 16:25:06

    I know that autumn is coming, but still the summer is visiting every once in a while… would love to have a owl close by.


    • kanzensakura
      Sep 03, 2019 @ 16:26:49

      Down the way is a deserted, fallen in barn. Several owls have made it their home. It is a delight to hear them hooting as they hunt.

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  2. sarahsouthwest
    Sep 03, 2019 @ 16:40:54

    “that one red leaf” – I saw it just the other day! The start of the glory.


  3. msjadeli
    Sep 03, 2019 @ 16:59:46

    It’s alive and it’s creeping in…


  4. Frank Hubeny
    Sep 03, 2019 @ 17:05:36

    We picked the same one. It also reminds me of coming autumn.


  5. Beverly Crawford
    Sep 03, 2019 @ 17:43:32

    Nothing like the hoot in the night from the fellow who is geared for 360 degree observation!


  6. Mish
    Sep 03, 2019 @ 19:27:09

    Oh my, for me there was a stillness in your words as you described him that reflected his poised appearance. Then it felt as though this handsome fellow flew right out of the painting at the end as you brought him to life! Lovely.


  7. Glenn Buttkus
    Sep 03, 2019 @ 19:46:52

    I continue to applaud your use of quotes, adding another layer to the poetics. This piece is light hearted and honest as a rainbow.


  8. Grace
    Sep 03, 2019 @ 21:33:07

    That change of season is upon us. I have seen the red fraying of leaves. Liking that owl’s perspective – observing the world.


  9. rothpoetry
    Sep 03, 2019 @ 22:11:35

    I like the owl watching the gatherings below in preparation for Autumn coming!


  10. kim881
    Sep 04, 2019 @ 03:25:26

    I like the way you’ve incorporated two images, Toni. Funnily enough, an owl has returned to our garden, which is a sure sign of autumn coming. I look forward to frosty mornings when owls’ hoot and screech is crystal clear. Autumn is indeed delicious!


  11. merrildsmith
    Sep 04, 2019 @ 07:29:20

    I don’t see or hear owls, but it must be wonderful. I like how you portray them here. Day by day, we’ll be seeing more signs of autumn coming.


  12. beverlydyer
    Sep 04, 2019 @ 14:49:02

    What a lovely moment you have created with your words! Thank you! Cheers, Bev


  13. revivedwriter
    Sep 04, 2019 @ 18:58:32

    Nice way to combine two of the images!


  14. lynn__
    Sep 04, 2019 @ 22:15:18

    I love the activity of the creatures in autumn, as you describe them.


  15. Vivian Zems
    Sep 05, 2019 @ 08:43:35

    Overall, an uplifting write helping us look forward to the future and the change of seasons.


  16. robtkistner
    Sep 05, 2019 @ 11:42:42

    Excellent interpretation Toni, of the pieces you chose of Beverly’s art. Wonderful choices, especially “Zen Tree”!


  17. purplepeninportland
    Sep 06, 2019 @ 20:16:08

    We both picked the same painting. We must be very wise.


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