For John Wick

For Sanaa’s Wild Friday Prompt – finish a Sappho Poem

For John Wick
“You want a war, or you want to just give me a gun?” John Wick to the Bowery King

In my eyes he matches the gods
In my eyes he matches the gods, that man who
sits there facing you–any man whatever–
listening from close by to the sweetness of your
voice as you talk, the

sweetness of your laughter: yes, that–I swear it–
sets the heart to shaking inside my breast, since
once I look at you for a moment, I can’t
speak any longer,

but my tongue breaks down, and then all at once a
subtle fire races inside my skin, my
eyes can’t see a thing and a whirring whistle
thrums at my hearing,

cold sweat covers me and a trembling takes
a hold of me all over: I’m greener than the
grass is and appear to myself to be little
short of dying.

But all must be endured, since even a poor
assassin such as I.
Watching you glide through the Continental Hotel
I envy those who have gone up against you,
especially those that have not survived.
It is glory to die beneath your hand
but even more,
it is glory to be pressed against you,
to be stroked like your dog
whom you love above all.
I load my gun,
I sharpen my sword.
I am ready to die now beneath your glance.

16 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. sanaarizvi
    Sep 13, 2019 @ 16:32:36

    This is a most fantastic response to the prompt, Toni. I loved Keanu Reeves in the movie John Wick 😀 Thank you so much for writing to the prompt!


  2. Vivian Zems
    Sep 13, 2019 @ 17:29:36

    What a response! You delighted me with a twist!


  3. Rosemary Nissen-Wade
    Sep 13, 2019 @ 17:48:48

    Fascinating! This seamless addition to Sappho made an intriguing (and successful) tale for me even without knowing anything about John Wick or the Bowery King. I have now returned from a quick education via Google about the comic books. And there’s a movie? Might have to look for that. 🙂


    • kanzensakura
      Sep 13, 2019 @ 18:13:14

      There are three movies. Very violent, very heavy into martial arts. Wick is known as the baba yoba…the boogey man? No. He is the SOB we send to kill the boogey man. He is the king of assasins, retired until his wife died and some smarty pants killed thepuppy she gave him. Wick is an animal lover. No animals were harmed during the filming of the Wick series and no animal died during the plots. Keanu is a real animal lover. I adore Keanu Reeves. He is a good person giving is entire salary during the Matrx series to the small cast and crew of the movies, knowing they were underpaid.

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  4. Sherry Marr
    Sep 13, 2019 @ 21:45:04

    I loved the poem, and loved even more learning about Keanu Reeves. I love it when people use their money and their platform to do good.


  5. oldegg
    Sep 13, 2019 @ 23:10:05

    What a great take on the prompt, but such a beautifuly constructed poem. Loved every word.


  6. Sumana Roy
    Sep 14, 2019 @ 00:55:37

    This is an amazing take on the prompt. The poem rolled like a movie itself. Wow! Learning so many things everyday! Thank you Toni.


  7. Linda Lee Lyberg
    Sep 14, 2019 @ 11:40:41

    Gotta Love John Wick! we haven’t seen John Wick 3 yet- have you?


  8. Magaly Guerrero
    Sep 15, 2019 @ 12:31:52

    I really love how your addition is completely different, but it totally fits at the same time. My imagination had created a setting for this poem, then comes you! and throw me into the middle of a gunfight that includes swords and a soul willing to give all there is for love. I like it!


  9. susanstoo
    Sep 15, 2019 @ 18:59:07

    Cool! Assassin to assassin must be thrilling indeed in a bloody sort of way.


  10. fireblossom32
    Sep 16, 2019 @ 08:37:36

    I am not familiar with the movie, but this definitely turns the expected on its head. It reminds me a little of Morrissey: “To die by your side, well the pleasure, the privilege is mine.”


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