The Architect

For Sunday Muse BlogSpot. Shay is the guest poster of the image this week.

The Architech
“I’m a dreamer. I have to dream and reach for the stars, and if I miss a star then I grab a handful of clouds.” – Mike Tyson

out of the mist the cabin emerges –
like the village of Brigadoon.
When it first began appearing
the pup wasn’t even born yet.
Now it is adult and sits at my side.
Sometimes I reach down and stroke him
and his tail wags and his eyes smile.
Soon we will fade into the mist again.
When we reappear,
the pup will be an older adult,
like me. The trash bin will never be filled
and the moon will be full.
My pup and I will take a break
and walk around in the mist
and return to the cabin for honey tea.


The Architech by Erik Johansson

15 Comments (+add yours?)

  1. coalblack
    Oct 19, 2019 @ 16:10:14

    And the seasons, they go round and round…


  2. Margaret Schaff Bednar
    Oct 19, 2019 @ 16:13:59

    … wow, didn’t know Mike Tyson was so eloquent! Love those tail wags 🙂


  3. Carrie V. H.
    Oct 19, 2019 @ 16:22:57

    From the wonderful Tyson quote to the last lines this is magical Toni!!


  4. Sherry Marr
    Oct 19, 2019 @ 18:54:47

    I love this interpretation of the image, Toni. Especially the pup!


  5. Truedessa
    Oct 20, 2019 @ 13:29:08

    It’s interesting how you picked up on the pup who seems ever loyal to the man. A wonderful take on the image. Walking in the mist can be invigorating.


  6. Susie Clevenger
    Oct 20, 2019 @ 13:38:07

    Loyalty, love…the seasons of life turn, but blessed are those who stay with us. Love your take on the image.


  7. Ed Rigg
    Oct 20, 2019 @ 17:13:52

    Mike Tyson packs quite a punch with that quotation.
    Nice take and enjoyed the read.


  8. Rob Kistner
    Oct 22, 2019 @ 14:17:43

    I like the mythological essence of this pieceToni. Very captivating.


  9. purplepeninportland
    Oct 22, 2019 @ 19:58:16

    Oh, the whimsical feeling of mist and Brigadoon. I love the idea of the man and dog aging together, and having tea and honey.


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