Haibun: Eastern Stars

For Marian’s prompt at Real Toads, Western Stars. It is based on the new album by Bruce Springsteen, Western Stars.  Those of us who are fans of the Boss all have that song that he wrote just for us.  Mine is first and last and always, Thunder Road.  Written back when Bruce was young, raw and tender, full of juice, it is my song. I am ending the haibun with an American Sentence instead of a haiku.

Haibun: Eastern Stars
“The hardest thing on earth is choosing what matters” – ― Larry McMurtry, Lonesome Dove

Fifty-two years ago, during the summer of love, I hitched hiked across the US with a gay male friend of mine. We slept in the desert several days. I will never forget the enormity of that sky with stars spread out like rhinestones on black velvet. It was the first time I ever saw meteor showers. I lay curled up in my sleeping bag watching the stars fall, several of them at once. We arrived in San Francisco, Haight Asbury a few days later. My friend and I were disgusted. The stars over the desert taught us a lesson about pretention, honesty, truth. We stayed a several days and decided to split. Back across the US we went, stopping in the desert again for a few more days of honest skies. We hit the east coast a week later. He went up to the Jersey Shore and I tagged along to meet up with my cousin Billy who later went to Woodstock with me. I lay on the beach at night at Point Pleasant and looked up at the Eastern Stars. They had the same lessons to teach about not being pretentious, about being honest. I have taken those lessons to heart and learned from them. Now I gaze out the window at the stars as my husband sleeps in the hospital room behind me. He is gravely ill and I stand at window and cry. A quiet unpretentious man, honest, and true.
Skies weep with rain as the eastern stars cry with me and hide behind clouds.

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  1. Sherry Marr
    Dec 19, 2019 @ 05:04:54

    Toni, I can see you standing by that hospital window. Your husband, honest and true, trying to make his way through illness back to you. Your piece is beautiful. You made me see those vast skies. You took me to Haight-Ashbury and Woodstock, two places i would have liked to see. I pray strong medicine will pull your husband through.


  2. Marian
    Dec 19, 2019 @ 07:27:07

    What a great lesson that is! I had a similar experience sleeping under the stars on an American east coast beach. Whew.
    Sending lots of healing energy to your husband and to you.


  3. Helen L Dehner
    Dec 19, 2019 @ 08:42:49

    Sending healing energy your way … My experience? North of Sedona .. North Creek Canyon. Thank you for sharing. We care.


  4. Margaret Elizabeth Bednar
    Dec 20, 2019 @ 18:46:20

    The open, honest, starlit sky and your husband, likened to that is quite a testimony. I will be in Woodstock NY for the first time at the beginning of January … my daughter is helping redesign a Victorian Inn. I hope those tears turn to joy soon… hugs.


  5. Truedessa
    Dec 20, 2019 @ 20:57:26

    I am sorry to hear this news. May strength and courage help you in these days. Wishing you peace and happy memories to sustain your spirit.


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