Hidden Perseids

Sherry at Real Toads is tasking us to take a line from a poem and make it the first line of a new poem – a piggy back poem.  The first line is taken from Sweeney Among the Nightingales by T.S. Eliot, one of my favorite poets.

Hidden Perseids
“Writing anything is a treason of sorts.” Anthony Bourdain

Gloomy Orion and the Dog are veiled;
Dog days. Sweltering hot and steamy.
The night is cloudy covering the moon
and hiding the stars.
I was hoping to watch the Perseids.
The Swift-Tuttle is hiding its face tonight.
No grains of sand being set afire
as they fall to earth.
I wait for the fires in the sky.
The Dog wanders willy-nilly trying to get
Orion to play.
It is too hot and Orion is all out of fun.
I sigh deeply.
I put my head down on my knees
and listen to the mocking bird copying
the blackbird. The fire is there.
I just am blind to it.

Perseids – NASA


The Wake

orca with dead calf

The Wake

Talequah carries her dead baby gently –
either by the fin or on her nose,
refusing to let go of the calf who died
within a half hour of her birth.
The mother kept using her nose to push the baby to the surface –
She is hungry.
The bones of her skull can be seen through her depleted blubber.
Salmon farms are starving a race of beings out of existence,
Talequah carries her dead baby,
day after day.
Her pod is helping her carry her baby
mourning the loss of her baby with her.
They communicate with each other
in a complicated language only they can understand.
They mourn in their unique rituals,
forming circles around the mother –
Like a human wake.
Like mothers holding close the mother
whose baby has died,
crooning and holding the mother close.
We are starving this race,
We are depleting this race,
We are lessening their birth rate.
We are killing a race
more human than we are ourselves
who think only of courselves,
not caring who we kill
in our killing of this planet.
Talequah carries her baby gently.
The mother continues to mourn.

Hiroshima Day

A haibun for Frank’s prompt at dverse for Hiroshima Day.  Will also be posting on Real Toads Tuesday Platform.

On July 8, 1853, American Commodore Matthew Perry led his four ships into the harbor at Tokyo Bay, seeking to re-establish for the first time in over 200 years regular trade and discourse between Japan and the western world. Ironically, on August 6, amost 100 years later, America dropped the first of two atomic bombs on Hiroshima. People were going about their normal activities that day. Women were shopping for food to prepare for dinner that night. Children were playing and men were going about their business preparing to continue facing off against the Americans. They went about with living not knowing death was in the skies.

Suddenly the sky turned white and within a few seconds Hiroshima was almost obliterated from the face of the earth. The death toll was approximately 90,000 – 120,000 men, women, and children. Some walked after the blast until they collapsed and died. Others died of burns and being crushed by falling buildings. Skeletons could be seen in the debris. Still later, people died from bone marrow disease from the extreme radiation. A few skeletal structures remained standing, notably the white gate Shinto. “Photos” of people etched into stone by the blast- their bodies obliterated but replaced by the radiation remained. We bear a guilt so deep time will never leach it from our bones as the bomb turned people and buildings, plants, and animals into dust.

children jumping rope
on hot August day – becoming
shadows forever

shadow images of children remain when the A Bomb hit Hiroshima

The Flowers in the Glass

For the Camera Flash prompt today on Real Toads.

Still Life by Adolph de Meyer

The Flowers in the Glass
“My house is run, essentially, by an adopted, fully clawed cat with a mean nature.” Anthony Bourdain

The cat jumped onto the table.
She sniffed at the flowers in the glass,
casually stolen from the restaurant
where we had dinner.
He left in the middle of the meal.
I stayed and finished my meal.
The waiter told me “the gentleman” had paid for the meal
and did I want to take a box with the remains of his meal?
No I did not.
I wanted to sweep the food onto the floor
and listen to the plate crash.
I left the waiter a sizeable tip
and when he walked away,
I grabbed the flowers from the vase and ran.
Now my cat is getting ready to sweep them
onto the floor and bat them around.
I will let her.
Time for another tiny cup
of *Nihon Sakari Gokun Honjozo.
I listen to the swishing sound
of the flowers being played with by the cat
and drink another tiny cup.

*#1 the highest rated sake in the world. Tastes like melon, green apples, honey, and the smell of peonies.

The Once and Future Queen

This is for the prompt at Real Toads, Doppelganger. We are asked if we look like someone else or if someone looks like us or if we have ever met a twin. My twin is a TV cooking show celebrity – Ina Garten. Except for the fact that I have long totally white hair and wear glasses, we look like twins. Except I don’t have freckles either. We are both plump and petite. Now how’s that for cool?

The Once and Future Queen
‘twas the oddest thing.
I was at the local produce stand
lightly stroking velvet peahes,
peeling back just enough of ears of corn
to make sure they were all small dainty kernels
and purest white like pearls.
A younger woman looked up at me
from her pile of corn and blinked – twice.
I smiled at her and she looked quickly back down.
Soon people were whispering and looking
as I was ready to pay for my purchases
when one woman, bolder than the rest asked,
Do you wear a wig for your TV show?
I looked at her in surprise and then asked,
Whom do you think I am?
She blushed and said, well you couldn’t be her.
You are southern as I am!
And flounced off as if I had insulted her.
When I paid for my purchases
the cashier laughed and said,
There was a rumor going around that Ina Garten
was here and buying produce for one of her tv shows.
I laughed.
My husband had told me before I looked like her.
Well, now, by tomorrow half of hanover county
will be saying they saw Ina Garten at the produce stand!

Primal Fear

For Izy’s prompt over at Toads. We are to take one of our fears and write it into ridiculousness.

Primal Fear
I have a deep dark secret.
I see….food.
Food made from strange things.
I have a fear of going to potlucks,
To church suppers,
To reunion dinners with my husband’s kin.
Potato salad made from thawed frozen French fries.
Ice box cakes made from twinkies –
From Twinkies and cool whip!
God. I can hardly write the words.
Avocados made from jello
And sour cream with a…gulp!
A Ferro Roche center.
The horrors!
I fear food made from strange things.
People buy molds to make the
Ersatz avocado.
They may as well make a gun
From fondant and shoot me with it.

Jeff Goldblum

I am reminded of one of my Dorian Gray poems in which he expresses the sentiment that San Franciso is a “right raucus old lass”. Well, today I am feeling raucus myself and seeing that a statue of a bare Chested Jeff Goldblum as been erected in London, I couldn’t resist this bit of fluff for today’s Get Listed over at Toad’s. Also, ebony is one of the hardest woods in the world, Ha!Ha!


Jeff Golblum
The path to your body
winds hither and yon
until I come upon you –
Your ebony hard member thickened
as you stretch upon the grass.
Your enormity confounds me,
Non-pluses me.
Arouses me.
Excites me.
Your ebony member,
Your gigantic member –
Oh my!
Oh yes!
Oh yes yes yes

I am reminded of one of my Dorian Gray poems in which he expresses the sentiment that San Franciso is a “right raucus old lass”. Well, today I am feeling raucus myself and seeing that a statue of a bare Chested Jeff Goldblum as been erected in London, I couldn’t resist this bit of fluff for today’s Get Listed over at Toad’s. Also, ebony is one of the hardest woods in the world, Ha!


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