Haiku: White Wisteria.

Today Frank hosts the dVerse Poets Pub. He is asking for brevity as in Japanese poetic forms of haiku and tanka. All haiku must have a seasonal reference (kigo) but not necessarily a syllable count of 5-7-5. Haiku and tanka are not given titles. If it does not have a seasonal reference, it is a senryu.


white wisteria –
ghosts in the trees weeping with
the misty spring rain


woodblock by Kono Bairei 1844-1895

Walking Crow

Walking Crow
crow walks down the middle of the road –
looks neither right nor left.
flaps his wings
and keeps on truckin’ –
he turns into our drive
as if he had business with us.
I open the door and call out to him.
he looks at me and then flies away.
guess he had the wrong address.


For Hedge’s 55  Friday 55 January 26, 2018

The haikai challenge today is crow.  I love crows.  Seems to be the theme for the day.

dVerse Poets: Quadrille

Today De is hosting the pub at dVerse for Quadrille Monday. Her word is “bounce”. Or bouncer, bouncing, bounced, etc. A Quadrille must have exactly 44 words (excluding the title) and the word for the day. I had heard through the years of frozen soap bubbles. I was intrigued. It is 18F today down here in the Sunny South. So I blew soap bubbles. I was so intrigued I did not take pictures. The bubbles were so fragile they only lasted a few second before they shattered anyway. This is also posted on Real Toads In Imaginary Gardens for its Tuesday Platform.

Frozen Bubbles
Sitting on my back steps
blowing bubbles –
It is 18F degrees –
The bubbles freeze.
They lift off my blower –
They float –
No bouncing on the grass,
no lifting their way to heaven.
a few seconds before they shatter.
Ephemeral beauty – fragile – gone!

public domain image

Haibun: Field and Tree Line

Mish is the pub tender today and has given us a photo prompt.  She has given us the link to https://sunearthsky.com/  Sharon Knight is the photographer and the collection is called Meditations from the Midwest.  Some are black and white and others are in color.  She has given us permission to use her photographs for this prompt.  We are to pick one or more that speaks that to us.  This photo reminded me of my great-grandparents farm.  Come visit us at dVerse for this prompt and the poems that spring forth.

field and tree line – sharon knight used by permission

So many times I walked these fields – either by myself or as a child, tagging along behind my great-grandmother or another child of the neighborhood. The spring the fields were awash in tender green shoots of corn and in the summer, rows of full grown towering corn. Snow would cover the field in winter and in the fall – well, the fall was my favorite time. The late fall to be precise. How I loved the monotone quality of the colors and the light, the straight rows of stubble, the tall white birches surrounding the field – like a fortress. I’ve seen hawks circling overhead, crows skipping along the rows nibbling corn seeds or pulling out worms. The farm dogs ran and chased each other, their raucous barks filling the space with doggy laughter. I often chased after them, running behind. This field has enticed me in the winter, covered over with snow – slowly melting into the earth and watering the soil underneath. Winds would sweep the leaves across in small whirlwinds or gently caress the fields in warm brushes of soft kisses. And now, the farm was being sold. The fields will be farmed by someone else or worse, all the trees plowed under and houses built – some ugly subdivision under the pitiless sky. My heart aches at the thought. But it is all out of my control. All I will have left are my memories and a few faded photographs.

fields sleep in winter –
trees shiver in the cold –
memories of a child

Haibun: The Winter Moon

A haibun for Victoria’s for dVerse’s first haibun prompt for 2018 on Fuyu No Tsuki, the winter moon. A haibun is non-fiction prose with a seasonal haiku to end it.

The temperatures have been in the lower teens and hovered at 0F the past few days. With my husband recovering from a concussion and pneumonia, we decide to stay in on New Year’s Eve. The outside is brutally cold but the inside of the house is warm and redolent of savory cooking. We sit at the table and ladle French Onion Soup to our mouths and sip wine. Outside the moon shines through the window. I tell my husband about it being a wolf moon and how it will also be a blue moon. Later that evening, I hear the air horns and fireworks going off at midnight. My husband sleeps, tired out from a long day. The moon shines through the curtains, shadows of lace fall on the floor and my husband’s sleeping face, calm and still as the moon itself. I put on my coat and go outside. I stare up at the moon luminous as a glowing pearl. A bit of movement – a raccoon trying to scare up a garbage can to rustle. I throw out some bread I had in my pocket, waiting there for such an occasion.

full winter moon
shines through lace curtains – shadows
quiet as the stars

public domain image blue moon and wolf moon

Full Moon Grace

Today Paul is hosting at the dVerse Pub. He is asking us to write about grace.  Happy New Year to you all. May we all be blessed with grace.  This is also for Sanaa at Real Toads.

Full Moon Grace
the night is bitter cold:
minus one degree farenheit.
I watch the first full moon of 2018 rise –
a wolf moon –
sitting on my back steps
I blend into the shadows.
out of the deeper shadows comes a ginger cat
followed hesitantly by a black and white cat.
hey tentatively look around and
approach the pan holding food.
I do not know where these cats came from.
It doesn’t matter.
They need food. I supply it.
The neighbor behind me earlier
this month shot two cats I had been feeding.
they were sons of Nobody’s Cat.
He also shot a neighbor’s dog
and another neighbor’s cat.
Rage as cold as this night swept through me.
I called the police.
They investigated.
This human will go on trial tomorrow.
Justice will be had.

I wish for grace to fall upon us all
as the moonlight washes the night in silver,
I wish for grace in the new year
to all creatures, all animals, all humans.
I wish for justice.
I pray for grace.
The cats fade away, full of food
to wherever they have found a place to keep warm.
Grace be unto you,
I whisper.



an anthology of poetry. I am included!  This can be purchased from Amazon both in the US and the UK.


Haibun: 2018

Happy New Year to you all.  This haibun is my mantra for 2018.


Leap into 2018. Practice kindness, hope, and gratitude. Live mindfully. Be true to yourself. Live life to the fullest. So many paths to choose from. Which ones to choose?

bitter cold new years day –
stray cats come out of hiding –
to eat their fill

New Years Day 2016 – copyright Kanzensakura

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