Forget me not sky

This is a form called the tritina. The lines end in a confusing (to me) pattern of 123, 312, and 231 using all the ending words in the last line.  aki no sora is the Japanese term for the blue sky of autumn.


“The bluebird carries the sky on his back.” Henry David Thoreau

The wild winds came and blew the summer away –
Turning the sky to the heartbreaking blue of forget-me-nots,
and putting a chill into the night air.

Smells of moldering leaves and dried grass perfume the air
and the hummingbirds have all gone away.
Dead are the summer’s forget-me-nots.

I planted years ago the sky hued forget-me-nots
breathing in the cold autumn air
and finally turning with sadness away.

The thin autumn sun warms the air while clouds sail in the forget-me-not sky.

copyright kanzensakura

Kogane no aki ga hajimarimasu

As I do not do rhymes, I have elected to do a free form sonnet.  Yes there is such a thing and many lovely ones have been written.  A free form sonnet is 14 lines long.  That is it.  This is for Kim’s rainbow of sonnets over at Real Toads. I have used the colors golden, black, blue, white, cream, and gold in my sonnet.  The Japanese title means:  Golden Autumn Begins.  Also posted on Posts United Poetry Pantry.

*Kogane no aki ga hajimarimasu
The golden voice of autumn whispers –
a breeze across the dry leaves,
A wind in the reeds at the creek.
The little black priest cricket delicately moves his legs,
a small voice among the pine and bell crickets,
alto to the larger cicada and their metallic thrum.
A new coolness in the air, the coming of autumn is somnolent today,
No rise or fall, a steady tone of almost silence.
The first storm of autumn has washed the sky clean.
Autumn is clearing – the sky is brilliant blue
With luminous white clouds drifting and peaceful.
The harvest moon is fading, bright gold coin in the black sky
dims and wanes to a partial dish of cream.
An early leaf burning, its incense wanders and drifts to heaven.


Autumn sky – aki no sora – a haiku

blue autumn sky: clouds
of finger painted white wisps.
I can’t look away.

copyright kanzen sakura

copyright kanzen sakura

Wordless Wednesday: Aki no Sora

photo by Kanzen Sakura copyrighted image

photo by Kanzen Sakura copyrighted image

鰯雲 Iwashigumo

Mackerel clouds swim
Leisurely in blue sky sea
At one with the tide


Wordless Wednesday Morning

Wordless Wednesday Morning


Aki no Sora: Sunrise to Sunset

I so love the autumn sky!

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Weekly Photo Challenge: The Hue(s) Of You… and surviving cancer



Six years ago, I was told I had ovarian cancer – a cancer that is almost always fatal because it is usually found so late and mimics symptoms of other diseases.

These are my hues for today:  sky blue and pure white clouds – autumn sky – aki no sora

I left work and drove to the country.  I parked on a hillside and climbed onto the hood of my car.  I leaned back and gazed above me to the bright autumn blue sky with white clouds drifting above me. I lay back for most of the afternoon and gazed at the beauty above me.   I was alive due to a miracle beyond my understanding, due to a careful doctor who was hyper-vigilant and took pap smears from higher than normal, thus finding the cancer at ground zero, due to encouragement, pray, the grace of God, amazing medical care.

Here I am today, posting a picture of this glorious sky.  These are my hues: life, living life with passion, taking time to live that life.

Live your life with passion.  Whatever hues there may be in your life, let the hues of passion, joy, belief, and gratitude be among those hues.

All of you, be blessed.

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