Guest Blogger – SamCat: Hidin’ from Friday 13!!!!!

copyright kanzensakura

copyright kanzensakura

I heard my mom, my upright Sakura talking to my Daddy Braddy about a friend of hers who has a phobia about Friday the 13th – triskadekaphobia…man, that’s a mouthful with change left over!

They got into a discussion about it and mom broke down the Greek words that formed it.  My upright Sakura apparently has studied several languages including yogurt language (I loves me some strawberry greek yogurt) and the beer language – he brew.

But anyway, they also talked about some mean ugly movies with that name too – Friday 13th.  I think there’s a zillion of them.  That’s scary that people would want to watch such ugly movies, don’t you think?

But it made me nervous thinking of a day that just because of its name is bad luck.  I’ve had enough bad luck in my short life without making a special day for it.  Mom was doing laundry and I snuck into the room for that and saw a basket of upright clothing in a basket.  I didn’t think twice – I jumped up and burrowed to the bottom.  I was going to hide from Friday 13.

My upright Sakura came in and saw me.  She pulled me out and snuggled me up close.  “Whatsa matter SamCat? Huh?  Scared?”  and I nuzzled up close feeling all safe.  She says, “I know Daddy Braddy and I were talking about some scary things, but really, Friday 13 is just another day, like Friday 12.  And besides, Friday 13 is a lucky good day – it is the day you came home with me.”

I snuggled closer and began to purr.  I wanted her to know that I wasn’t scared anymore.  Friday 13 was a lucky day for me because my upright Sakura came and rescued me and asked me if I wanted to come home with her.  So after listening to her talk yogurt talk to Daddy Braddy, I guess I have changed to a triskadekaphile!  Any day is what you make it, regardless of the date.  Everyday now is special for me.  And I’ll bet if you think about it really hard, besides those bad days, you have some good ones too!

I’ll talk to you later.  I’m off to play with a new catnip mouse!!!

Wordy Wednesday: SamCat, Guest Blogger II

looking for my granny

Hello uprights and four legs! I, SamCat the Ripper have been allowed by my upright, Sakura, to do a guest blog today. I am still rather nervous after the post Tuesday about NC Clogging and Irish dancing. She just clomped and stomped all around the kitchen while singing a song about some guy named Joe who has a cotton eye. Weird, yes?

But anyway…I sat at my favorite place at the window today looking out at the world. The grass had been cut by the male upright Monday evening and there were birds everywhere! I think the cut grass made it easier for them to find worms and bugs. It was a lot of fun watching them hopping about or doing that little short legged run they do. I wanted to go out and chase them but I am not allowed. But at least I get to watch them.

I was raised in a rescue shelter. I was born there. People came and adopted my mom and brother and sisters but no one wanted me. I lived in a cage for several birthdays. My picture was posted on the internet thing. People would come to look at me and other cats, but I was always left. I think you can tell from my picture that I am a handsome boy. I was always very polite and purred and snuggled and did my best to get someone to love me enough to take me. But the other cats were chosen, not me.

One day, one of the uprights at the shelter came and told me, SamCat, today another upright is coming to look at you and Boodles. Be a good boy and if you feel good about her, let her know. I was taken into a room and there I saw my upright Sakura for the first time. When she saw me, she smiled. What a pretty handsome guy you are, SamCat. I was put into her arms and I could feel her heart beating very fast. I looked up into her face and those wet things were coming out of her eyes. I thought she was sad so I raised myself up and put my arms around her neck and purred and snuggled for all I was worth. I wanted to stop those wet things more than anything.

She held me close and rubbed my head. Oh SamCat, do you want me? she said softly. Really? Would you like to go home with me? And I held on tighter and she began making odd noises and holding me close. I did not know it, but her other cat, Pugsley had died sometime earlier of cancer. She was lonely and needed me as much as I needed her. The lady left us and we sat and hugged and snuggled. SamCat, please be my boy. And she took me to the desk and told them she wanted me. She signed papers and I was put into her car and driven here, where I live now.

Sometimes, she told me, things happen for a reason. And the reason that no one adopted you SamCat, was because you were being saved, just for me. And I agree with her. All that time of being left behind disappeared because the Great Cat Rescuer Who Lives In The Sky wanted me and upright Sakura to be together.

All you other uprights out there, please take care of the animals who live with you. Make sure they have plenty of food, water, and during this summer, please be careful about putting us out in the heat without any shade and water.

If you are lonely, check out your local rescue shelter. I’ll bet there is a special friend there waiting just for you to love. Even if it is…….a dog!

I enjoyed blogging today. My upright Sakura says I can do this sometimes. Thank you! Have a good, safe, happy summer.

Hugs from SamCat the Ripper

Guest Blogger: SamCat the Ripper

looking for my granny

Today. I would like to introduce my first guest blogger.  I decided to occasionally invite someone to do a guest post on my blog.  The blog today is brought to you by SamCat the Ripper.  A little background on SamCat:  he was born in a no-kill rescue shelter.  All the kittens, except for SamCat, were adopted from the litter, along with his mom.  His home in the shelter, for two years, was a medium sized cage.  When time allowed, he would be let out of the cage to socialize with other cats, the volunteers, and visitors.  I saw his picture online along with some other cats at the shelter.  I decided to pay a visit and decide which cat was going to come home with me to his forever home.

All the cats that I met were wonderful but SamCat won me over when the volunteer placed him in my arms and he began to snuggle and nuzzle at my neck.  After checking my references, I was allowed to bring SamCat home with me.  Today marks his fourth year with me.  Below is his guest blog:

Hi.  I am SamCat the Ripper.  My upright, Kanzen Sakura, the great goddess of food giving, litter box cleaning, and untiring hugger, gave me that name after I discovered the wonderful nubby pad in her rocking chair. Although the pad had lasted in its chair for years, it was no match for me and my claws.   I am the King of Pad Rippers!

I enjoy sitting at my favorite spot in the big room’s large window.  I can watch those things she calls birds and butterflies.  I enjoy watching wet stuff and white stuff come from the sky as well.  I do not like the big noises that come from the sky and I hide under a bed.

When I lived in that big metal box, I did not have a big window to look out of, although the uprights there kept me fed, the box cleaned, and played with me and gave me hugs.  I like living with the Sakura upright much better.  The male upright who lives with us does not adore me as he should.  I remind him that I am the King of Pad Rippers by sharpening my claws on his funny white shoes.  Those shoes must be made of some kind of miracle stuff because they have not fallen as did the pad.  But I think it is good to remind the male upright who has the sharpest claws in the house sometimes.

Today for breakfast, as a treat, I was given a bit of tuna.  Upright Sakura was making tuna something and gave me a bit.  I wanted more but did not get it.  I have plans for later today, when upright goes out for something she calls errands.  I do not know what errands are but she never seems to bring any home.  She does bring home food for me and the male upright though.  When she opens the door, I am going to try my trick of running past her outside.  Sometimes I can and other times, she stops me.  I like outside because I can walk around and sniff the smells on bushes, see those bird things up close, and hear all kinds of amazing and interesting sounds.  Usually, one or the other of the uprights grab me and bring me back inside.  But it is always fun to beat them at the run outside game!

Tonight when the male upright is sitting in his chair and watching “TV”, I will again remind him of my superiority but knocking off the little wooden box by the chair, that odd shaped thing called a “remote”.  I will knock it off and push it under the wooden box thing.  He always gets annoyed.  I can tell because he will say, in rough tone of voice, “Sam!  You think you own everything in this house!”.  I am glad he is starting to understand that.  it has taken me a long time to train him.  He has to stand up, bend over, and reach for the “remote”.  Sometimes, I can push it farther away from him.  I enjoy this game very much.

I am through doing the “blogging” thing now.  I hope you enjoyed it.  I am going now to have a nibble of those wonderful crunchy things upright Sakura keeps in a special bowl for me and then take another nap.  Thank you for reading.

Reminder:  Please have your pet spayed/neutered and vaccinated.  Also, please consider obtaining your next pet from a rescue shelter. Thank you, from the Upright Sakura.

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