Poets United: Memories

This is posted for the Mid-Week prompt at Poets United – Memories. I am posting three haiku for this. The third was writing in loving memory of my friend Peggie who died two years ago.  They are written in the Japanese spirit of mono no aware (sadness at the passing of things) and aware cho (the deep sigh at the end of something)  Link at Poets United:  http://poetryblogroll.blogspot.com/2017/09/poets-united-midweek-motif-memories.html I am also linking this up to my favorite poetry site, dVerse.

copyright Kanzensakura

memories falling
as autumn leaves – dying in
flames blown by the wind

sleepy woodland pool –
leaves drift on surface dreaming
of past summer sun

summer night is long –
dew falls but fades at morning –
grasses remember



dVerse MTB: Meeting the Bar as a Cubist Poet

Today Bjorn is the prompter at dVerse. He wants us to write in the style of Wallace Stevens and his poem, 13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird. We are exploring cubism in poetry. Come visit us and find your new favorite poet! I found this prompt so interesting and engaging, I have come off hiatus to respond to it.  Meeting the bar as a cubist poet.

Ways of Looking at Autumn Leaves
autumn leaves float
on the surface of the pond
dreaming of summer

wind blows through the trees
rustling the leaves
they become
an ocean of sound

an owl sails through
the night sky
the autumn leaves sleep

leaves sunk to the bottom
of the pond
are the color of the eyes of deer

crows in the trees
cackle and crow
the leaves fall in silence

blown by the wind
the lacy foliage of a cedar
captures an autumn leaf

cold wind causes the leaves
to shiver and shake
bitterness under a full moon

the last leaf clings to the branch
snow begins to fall
the last leaf finally lets go

copyright Kanzensakura

copyright Kanzensakura


Quadrille – Leaves

De is our prompter this Monday at dVerse Poets Pub. It is the Quadrille feature for this Monday. A quadrille is a 44 word poem, not including the title and must include the word of the prompter. She is prompting us to use the word “leaves” as in leaves that fall from tree, leaves as in he, she, it leaves; leaves of grass, book leaves. Even leaving or leave. Come join us and see what shakes loose from the tree! https://dversepoets.wordpress.com/2016/08/29/quadrille-15/

Leaves are leaving
Summer is leaving,
Leaves drop delicately
Leaves know when it is time
better than we.
There are a few early to the party
but leaves know when to leave.
It is time for autumn –
We say.
Leaves know when it is time to

public domain photo


Open Link Night: 浮動葉 Fudō ha – Floating Leaves

public domain free image

public domain free image

Today at d’verse, we have Open Link Night – anyone is welcome to link to their poem on any subject or in any form. I have gone through old notebooks and am reviving my interest in the Japanese poetic form: dodoitsuan unrhyming poetic form of 26 sound units – 5-7-7-7. Please come join us! Leave a link to your poem or read the links from talented and varied poets.

浮動葉  Fudō ha
sleepy woodland pool –
leaves drift on water dreaming
of summer sun – snow will fall
and they will sleep without dreams.

Autumn Deepens: aki fukashi 秋深し (あきふかし

night and moon: autumn
deepens – frost glitters on leaves
and fades in the sun

Red Blade: haiku

red blade of autumn
leaves cuts through green summer leaves.
It is time, it says.

copyright kanzen sakura

copyright kanzen sakura


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Down our quiet lane
a chowchow of leaves create
a lane-way for deer.

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