Finally….Friday!!! Fun with the Beatles

You know, folks are going Beatle crazy again. I like it. My husband thinks they are overrated and is tired of them. What does he know? He was only 3 when it all started. I was 13. BIG difference in perception and experience.

When the Beatles first came to the US, my friend Teri and I were determined we had to see them. So…two teens, 13 and 15 stole her brother’s car and drove to NYC. We stopped on the way to pick up my cousin Billy – the cousin Billy of the 11/16 Society fame. We arrived after midnight in Montclair in the middle of the night and I used a few rocks to throw at his window. He leaned out and I explained the mission. “Oh yeah” he said (this was repeated some years later when he was picked up to go to Woodstock, but no cars were stolen in that adventure) and within minutes, had shimmied down the tree outside his window.

Having been to New Jersey many times, I knew the way well. Billy got us into Manhattan. From there, it was avoiding cops so they wouldn’t see two kids driving a car, making our way to Shea Stadium, not getting in, standing outside in the parking lot listening, and then back to the Plaza hotel, hoping to catch a glimpse. We never did. We were however, grounded “for life”. That is another story.

But anyway, it is the end of an onerous week at work. Enjoy the song, the joy, innocence of a time long gone. Oh yeah, you could tell a lot about a person by who their favorite Beatle was – mine was John Lennon.


Thank you to my “followers” and friends…

Today, I did my 205th blog and I have 205 people following my blog.

I cannot thank you all enough – I have learned so much from you all, been entertained, inspired, improved…

And so, I am sending you all this, one of my favorite songs by the Beatles…In my life

Thank you and God bless you all

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