Sepia Sunday – Two haiku

winter day: silent
birds pecking seeds beneath bare
forsythia bush.

Oddly warm winter
day. sepia drizzle tints
silent yard and sky.

しゅんう shun u: haiku

Gentle spring rain  – sweet
fragrance. birds sing with the soft
rhythm of light drops.

ニ 短歌 (Two Tanka)



The sea of grass is

slowly flooding the island

of snow, eroding

away the last vestige of

white.  The tide cannot be stopped.



Orange cat, blue birds –

A drama of colors and

Fur and feathers,

Plays out daily.  Sam Cat longs

To escape and wreak havoc.


Captured behind glass,

The Cat is a comedic

Display for the birds.

They tweet, hop about and tease.

How irksome!   His whiskers twitch.


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