Quadrille Monday: Free

I have written a haibun for dVerse Poets Pub Monday’s  quadrille. A quadrille is a poem of exactly 44 words (excluding the title) which uses the prompted word. In this case the word is “free”.  Come and join in the fun.

Everywhere Blue – (for De)
Oh! To be a cloud in the sky floating lazily or waves in a cerulean lake washing upon the shore . High mountains topped with snow standing guard and smiling.

clouds in autumn blue
sky drifting free – waves below
laughing like children

Lake Tahoe – public domain photo.

dVerse Poetics: Blue

De is our pubtender today over at dVerse.  She is prompting us to write about blue, the blues, sad blue, happy blue, blue jeans, blue bayou, blue plate special, the hues of blue…blue! Come join us and read about blue.  The Pub opens at 3:00 EST.   Poetics: Breathing in Blue


tomb detail - eye of Horus

tomb detail – eye of Horus

Falling Through Blue
Falling through blue –
Through the layers of cerulean, azure
Dappled with lapis
And tingled with turquoise –
Falling into blue
Emerging wet and sparkling
With scales and flashing fins.
Breathing in the blue skies
And breathing out the blue moon.
Falling through blue –
Falling falling
And landing on a huge pile of powder blue stars
Bright against deepest midnight blue
Falling through blue into the
unearthly beauty of morning glory blue lake.
Drowning in blue
Resurrecting into sky blue
Eternal as Egyptian blue –
first color of creation –
sky and sea.
Tattooed with wode
painted in tombs
blessed by the gods
Written through the ages.
water lilies – blue on blue on blue.
The sky of blue bewitches
and your eyes capture me in their blueness…
every day.



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