South meets East

Definitely a south meets east morning – I awoke early. Saturday is never a sleep in day. Before anyone in my household awoke, I was busy. It was a warm and humid morning, but a gentle cooling breeze was blowing. I began to work on my 3 bonsai:  Ojiisan, Princess Mitsouko, and Danshi. Danshi had another name but it didn’t suit him and so I re-named him.  Ojiisan and Princess both needed some pruning and tidying up. Danshi needed a bit of encouragement.  He is young and a bit spindly. I had shaped and gently wired his trunk but it seemed to go hard on him.  He is better now and looks better. Doing bonsai work early in the morning with only the sound of birds going about their business is a lovely bit of calm and peace in the busyness of my life. When through, I went back into the house and prepared breakfast.  Pancakes made with fresh blueberries and a warm, fresh peach jam/syrup to top them.  Heaven!

Later in the morning, I went to a friend’s farm and rode on the tailgate of an old, faded blue Ford pickup to the fields. Bumpety bump over ruts and some rows. I was transported back to childhood when this was such a treat from city life. I laughed and wagged my legs – bumpety bump bump!

At the first field, we pulled armloads of fresh sweet corn. Next field, we picked pink eye purple hull peas – similar to blackeye peas but sweeter and not as starchy.  Back to the house – bumpety bump.  We loaded the produce into my car – some would be for supper, the other would be fixed and put up in the freezer against the time of winter.  On a cold rainy day, nothing beats eating vegetables that taste of summer.

East meets South – pruning bonsai and then picking vegetables under a clear blue southern sky. Silent in the field, grabbing an ear of corn and hearng the twist as it is released from the stalk. Walking barefoot in warm sandy soil and picking peas. Occassionally splitting one and chewing the crunchy sweet morsels. In an adjoining field of sunflowers, goldfinches, blue birds, sparrows dived and swooped among the flowers or perched and ate seeds.

How magnificent and amazing are the works of God – sun, soil, birds, vegetables – eyes to see, ears to hear, nose to smell fresh corn. Thank you God for your goodness to me. May I never cease to magnify Your name and give glory to You!

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