Haibun Monday #23

Today Bjorn wants us to write haibun about city scapes. I escaped from the city years ago…thank God!  So here is my take on the prompt.  He wants us to write a contemporty haibun and poetry ending full of grit.  Well, I can’t write a “contemporary haibun” or American sentence ending (no such thing in my book).  Hope it works.  It is also still a traditional haibun with a traditional haiku, non-fiction.  Haibun Monday # 23 – contemporary cityscape

Trees like skyscrapers

I walk down our lane, the rich warm smell of sunshine and leaves around me. Like skyscrapers the trees reach up to heaven. At night I can look up and see the movie full moon and the opera lights of a million twinkling lights. With no regrets I left the city behind. No alleys smelling of rank garbage and piss. No crowds, no shops constantly hawking their stuff, no barrage of the homeless, no vacant lots filled with the ever blowing newspapers and garbage, the listless spoiled youth, the constantly seeking searching purveyors of opera, plays, music, other bodies, entertainment. no flood of cars, buses, trains. I have all I need here and more. Take your city – enjoy the noise and clamor and bad air.
October comes -peaceful
and full of life – my violin
sings into the day.

d’verse Poetics: MTB: Bob Dylan

Today, Bjorn is celebrating the winner of the Nobel Prize for Literature:  Bob Dylan.  It seems the folks at the academy got over their tightassery and actually chose somebody that almost everyone knows and isn’t some obscure foreigner – an American Bard.  Congrats to Bob Dylan! http://dversepoets.com/2016/10/13/meeting-the-bar-bob-dylan/

Bob Dylan: Poet
I met him several times years ago.
He was fuzzy haired and serious
and pretentious.
But the man can write.
I’ll give him that.
So like a rolling stone
and the Byrds’ favorite Tamborine Man,
He does write songs and lyrics that stays with one.
How long?
The answer my friend,
is blowing in the wind.

***lines in italics are direct quotes from various poems and titles of Bob Dylan’s songs.


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