Haibun: No Ko Me

Today Victoria is prompting us for the Monday Haibun.  A haibun is a Japanese poetic form mixing prose and haiku.  It must be true and is usually written in the first person.  Today her prompt is:  No Ko Me—Tree Buds or something pending.  Come join us for this beautiful and seasonal prompt.

copyright kanzen sakura

No Ko Me
My ex-lover and I always marked the changing seasons as the Japanese do; but he was Japanese so there you go. As a Southern white girl, I always made note of the seasons, usually by smell: the freshly cut grass of summer, the snow scent of winter, the autumn leaves’ must, and of course, the fresh smell of tender buds of spring. Masashi taught me much more – the tens of thousands of kigo relating to the changing seasons and about mujo – change.

Around mid-February we would inspect the trees and shrubs on our property seeking out the most infinitesimal of growing buds which sprinkled the branches like individual dark red snowflakes. We knew that first spring was soon to be here. The buds would grow bigger until they would burst forth into bloom. A flower here, there, and soon second spring there would be flowers everywhere.

I would delicately touch the tree buds or gently kiss them soothing their pain. He told me the buds felt pain at growing large and then giving birth to flowers and leaves just as a woman felt pain at giving birth. In the rain I would imagine the buds weeping with pain but then the joy when the flower would unfold. I would stand beneath our cherry trees as the petals would fall to the ground – children that only lived for a day.

pain of tree buds
birthing into flowers –
petals fall – drops of blood

flowering quince copyright kanzensakura



Quadrille: Bubble Lives

free public domain image

free public domain image

I missed the Monday Quadrille De Jackson (WhimsyGizmo) had for us.  Poems have to use the prompt word and be exactly 44 words in length.  The prompt word was “Bubble”. So I am submitting this for dVerse’s Open Link Night – in which poets can submit one of any of their original poems on any subject in any form. Come join us for a wonderful time of reading creative poets!

Bubble Lives
cherry blossoms bloom at dawn –
fade, fall before noon
scattering in the wind.
dew evaporates with the sun –
the song of a bird breaks the silence
then fades again into the silence.
our lives are but bubbles on the surface
of a pond.

初雪(はつゆき First Snow – haiku

midnight: snow flowers
spiral down and quickly die
on my outstretched hand.

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