dVerse Poets Pub: Me, myself, and I…..#2 Out of the kitchen

This prompt from Victoria today is so very good, I have to do another.  Victoria says ” write a poem using the first person–an apparent first person. Perhaps you will leave your reader wondering if you are actually the “person” of if this is a fictional character”….or not!  Come visit us for some excellent writing!  http://dversepoets.com/2016/02/25/me-myself-and-i-or-is-it-dverse-meeting-the-bar/

Out of the Kitchen, into the Fire….

When I went in, it was winter.
When I came out, it was spring.
Somehow the dayshoursnightsmonths
blurred together – a black and white film noir
fast-forwarded with parts cut out and thrown
somewhere in the confusion of the cutting room.

I worked as a bartender to pay for culinary school
and worked as a dishwasher, prepper, line cook, intern,
sous chef, chef, executive chef de cuisine….
hitting the markets before dawn
sometimes sleeping on the floor being too tired
to drive home and staying there,
in my womb, in my life,
sans lovers, sans life, sans anything but food
and competition and trends –
hitting the markets before dawn…
butchering sides of beef,
breaking down exotic seafood.
A parrot fish from Hawaii made me cry
as I cut apart its beauty
to present before those
only interested in status and trendy.
That day I had enough.
That day I walked out and never looked back.

I met the owner in the chill dawn of March
him coming in, me going out.
He saw my knife roll neatly tied
my knife holster from around my waist
and over my shoulder
and said, So?
I just said…So.

The Kiritsuke knives
glinted with the danger of an ancient katana –
the kitchen Samurai was laying it down.
Out of the kitchen and into real life now.
Those who can – cook.
Those who can’t – cook for those they love.
I raised my fist to the sky that day and swore:
As God is my witness,
I’ll only cook for those I love –
and the Blue Kiritsuke knives
live well in my home kitchen
and dream of when they were kitchen katanas
and won many a battle of food and taste.

And silently laugh when I rant about
locavore, gastrigue, molecular gastronomy, sustainable,
gluten free….house crafted…blahblahblah

and grin in delight at the smell of fresh lemon zest
and white wine and saffron…
and shine with joy when those I love
eat my food and make happy sounds.


free public domain image Shun Blue Kiritsuke

free public domain image
Shun Blue Kiritsuke

Too Busy

 I could not sleep. Too many thoughts of what I needed to do at home and work ran through my brain like the Boston Marathon – thrice. I gave up and went outside to sit on my back steps. The night was like warm bathwater fragrant with lilies and newly mown grass. The only sound was that of cicadas chanting their mating rasp – strophe and antistrophe.  Soothed, I relaxed and leaned against the sliding glass door. I gazed at the creamy full moon through black lace tree brances.  I had not had time earlier because I was too busy being busy.  Oh my Lord Jesus, forgive my sins of commission and ommission. Forgive my not taking time for you when you gave all your time for me. 

No wonder I felt so tired and overwhelmed! I had not followed my Shepherd to those still waters and restored my soul. Jesus leads us to those times of silence and alone, but we have to be willing to follow him. We have to give up Pawn Stars, 6:00 news, immediately unloading the dishwasher, washing the car, logging in to our workplace email while at home….What if Jesus had been to busy to die for us? What if when instead of going apart and praying, He decided to take a nap? 

Come to Me. Get away with Me and you’ll recover your life. I’ll show you how to take a real rest. Walk with Me and work with Me–Watch how I do it.  Learn the unforced rythms of grace.” Matt. 11:28, 29 (Msg). Sit on your back steps, close your bedroom door, cut off the phone….midnight, dawn, noon….Spend some time in the Savior’s presence and in His word and let Him teach you purpose and peace.

Lord, show me how to set my priorities so they will always be in line with Your will. Please, don’t let a life of busyness steal my health, sanity, my relationships with others and with You. Let me learn the “unforced rythms of grace.” Amen

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