Twofer Thursday – Kick it….

This post is especially for my friend Huntie over at Chasing Rabbitholes and for the other Bitten Babes – and you know who you are as well.

We’ve had hard times, sad times, bad times. Let’s put a smile back in style…

For just a few minutes, step back, breathe, relax and shake that booty. Go on girls…rock it. Hugs and love to the other onnabugeisha in the Bitten crew.

Let’s take a drive – video Christian Kane

Lately, I’ve felt…….lost.  I don’t know where the wild girl, feisty woman went.  The suicide of a long time friend a few weeks ago has aged my soul in ways I cannot describe.  He and I used to drive around at night, windows down and radio blaring, singing at the top of our lungs.  He comforted me when my Samurai returned to Japan.   And now….

But this song, by Chris Kane ,a wild Oklahoma boy with a gift for rock ’em, sock ’em country rock songs and songs of heart stirring wistfulness, reminds me of a lot of things.  Maybe, that girl is still within me.  I hope so.  I miss her a lot.

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