Peace, Joy, Love….yes Virginia, they do exist

With all going on in the world today, it is so easy to lose hope, to forget there is more to life than bad news, mayhem, evil…

But Love was born many years ago night in Bethlehem. I’m not here to debate your theological questions or comments, I am here simply to share my hope, my love, my peace. It all has to begin inside of us. And once those seeds are planted, they need to be nurtured, to be harvested, to be share. TO. BE. SHARED.

So regardless of what you do or do not believe, at least believe that these things still exist and if they only exist in the heart of one person, they still exist. That light will never be extinguished.

So…Joy to you my Blogosphere Family. Peace be unto you. Love I share with you.

Merry Christmas. Blessings to you all. And please, after you hug those blessings close to you, turn around and give them to someone else.

Be the peace. Be the hope. Be the love. And Joy….JOY TO THE WORLD! God knows, we all need it. Just as He knew those years ago when His Son was born to live among us. To speak our language and to feel our fears and to know just how scary the world can be. But He was the hope, the love, the peace, the love. Now it’s your turn. Again I say, Be the hope. Be the love. Be the peace.





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