Live….From New York – it’s….

Actually, it’s just me, tiptapping on my tablet with my trusty stylus.  Some kind of evil surreal virus has destroyed my computer and until money from heaven falls, I will be posting from, answering and sending emails from, doing my homework for school on – my tablet.

I feel as if I am in the Dark Ages pushing my quill slowly across the parchment or, even farther back, chipping out weird little images from stone.  Tap, tap, taptaptap…

I am going to try to catch up answering a ton of emails, reading a ton of posts, maybe doing a post – sometime this weekend, after I have studied and done homework – I already feel inundated after just a week of school!!! And hyper, did I mention that?

But before I start in hyperdrive this morning and after several cups of coffee, I am going to go outside and indulge in the ancient art of making a chain of clover blossoms – one for my poor crazed head and the other to wear around my neck – the Princess of Clover chains before I change into my costume of Court Scholar and what is more likely, Court Jester.  SamCat the Ripper thinks perchance I may be a Chew Toy, but at this point, my vote is on Jester.



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