dVerse Poetics – Meadow Stars

Today at dVerse Poetics, we have a guest host/bartender: Wolfsrosebud aka Patti Wolf. She is asking us to get closer to nature – get on our hands and knees, get a little grubby and take a closer look at the world around us, especially the smaller world.  Come visit us and….go outside and renew your acquaintance with the natural world around us.  Cut off the cell phone, stop answering text messages, stop tweeting and Facebooking – take a few minutes and live life!!     http://dversepoets.com/2015/06/02/poetics-micro-poetry

fleabane daisies - copyright kanzensakura

fleabane daisies – copyright kanzensakura

Fleabane daisies bloom
over the meadow floor – do
the local folk, the worms and beetles,
tiny spiders and hoverflies
think the daisies are stars
blooming over their green grass world?
Do they make up names for
the daisy constellations
and stories of how they came to be?
These  meadow stars that bloom brightest
at day and only glow softly at night?
When one fades and falls
do the sister ladybugs
link together their tiny legs
and make a wish?
I need to get closer and see if I can hear
what their wishes would be –
to be more patient and discover
if their wish comes true.




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