Haibun: Black Dragon

For dVerse Poets, a quadrille.  The word for today Is “dragon”.

黒い竜 Kuroi ryū (black dragon)

“So comes snow after fire, and even dragons have their endings.” ― J.R.R. Tolkien, The Hobbit or There and Back Again

He reminded me of a black dragon – lethal, beautiful.  He moved with a suppleness that hypnotized me. But in the summer he returned to his mountain in Japan.  Alone in his cave he  smoldered.
deep summer night
in the darkness –
the first firefly awakens


Japanese dragons have four claws on each “hand”.  their colors are significant.  a black dragon is the ultimate in dangerous being and they also, possess a gentle wisdom.

NaPoWriMo 9 – Kokuryū – Black Dragon

Today for NaPoWriMo9, I am following an optional prompt of my choice.

1897 ukiyo-e print from Ogata Gekkō's Views of Mount  fuji

1897 ukiyo-e print from Ogata Gekkō’s Views of Mount

I gasped the first time I saw him.
To my friend I said,
He is the most beautiful man
I have ever seen.
She laughed at me.
He is oddly handsome but…
Standing still in the midst
of beehive activity.
It all moved like a blur around him
and he was the only bit of focus –
sharp and clear.
He looked like he had stepped
out of a time machine –
black silk hakama, hair in a warrior’s knot –
in his obi the two swords – daisho.
His eyes lifted and trapped mine.
A gentle smile and slight bow.
I blushed and lowered my gaze.
To myself I murmured “Kokuryū” –
Black dragon.

Later I stood across from him.
There was about him a wildness,
a smell of cold fresh water
rushing over rocks.

And still later
He placed a branch of pink
cherry blossoms in my hand,
Kissing my fingers.

And there was a calm about him –
the last part of the wave
gently caressing the stones
on the beach.

And there was about him
a heat, like the skin of
a dragon and a strength
like the wings of a dragon
lifting upward beyond the sun.
I could only stand and watch
as he moved out of my sphere.
And a loneliness about him,
like the dragon curled
about himself in the
depths of faraway cave –
“Kokuryū” – Black dragon.


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