dVerse Poets Pub: I Still Believe

Today at dVerse, we are on day #5 of our fifth anniversary celebration. Gayle is our host and has interviewed Anthony Desmond, a former member of dVerse. He is an amazing poet who always inspires. Come and visit us.  Part Five; Revisiting Anthony Desmond

I Still Believe
“For people like us
In places like this
We need all the hope
That we can get” Tim Cappelo from Lost Boys

And after all these years, here I am.
Up in the cradling branch of this ancient oak
in the woods adjacent to my home.
I’ve been a tree climber since I was six.
Being in trees centers me.
As I draw the bow across my beat up violin,
I am taken back to way back when.
And all the years in between –
all the pain, the laughter, the friends,
my family, wars, deaths, massacres, injustices,
courtesies, kindnesses…
I realize that I still believe.
I need the hope of belief rather
than the sword slash of bitterness,
prejudice, all the political bull shit that never stops.
I look across at the endless ocean of green
in front of me. I realize
as I draw the bow across the strings
for “La Musica Notturna delle Strade di Madrid.
No. 6, Op. 30” by Boccherini
that I still believe.
The song begins its lilt as I form the chords.
I am at peace.
Birds begin to sing.


dVerse Poets Pub – Twitter Poetry

Another celebration today of dVerse’s fifth anniversary.  Bjorn is interviewing Sam Peralta who used to be at dVerse.  Today the prompt is Twitter poetry – 140 characters or less. My two are less than 140 each.

Here is mine, less than 140 characters.

hawk flies between sky
and pond – shadow on water
only frogs can see

public domain image

public domain image

screen door has small hole –
mosquitoes invade hot night –
mean biters no sleep

dVerse Fifth Anniversary Celebration: A Poem

Walt is our prompter today and gives us this quote to inspire us. Alas! I did not take it the way he perhaps meant it and painted my poem in very broad strokes – but it’s true. Come join us for Day #3 of dVerse’s Fifth Year Anniversary Celebration. “I am cold, even though the heat of early summer is adequate. I am cold because I cannot find my heart.” ~Sebastian Barry from his novel A Long, Long Way

Closed Until Autumn

In truth, the heat has moved from…adequate
to over-achieving. The weatherman smiles as he says,
Today it will be 101F but feels like 107F
Feels like?
What’s up with that?  Just give us the temp of 107,
I mutter under my breath.
And it is official. The kitchen is closed
until September.
Oh, anything that can be done in the slow-cooker
(such as amazing meatloaf, or a fresh vegetable stew
or chicken with fresh herbs or blackberry cobbler).
Salads and towering club sandwiches or
cold and creamy chicken salad and devilled eggs.
and pasta made from angel hair pasta
because it cooks in less than 5 minutes –
that incredible uncooked sauce made with fresh
summer tomatoes and herbs and olive oil mixed with
the hothothot pasta…
or  omelettes or veggies that steam in the microwave
None of those hot horrible soups or stews or roasts…
No cooking over a fire hot grill out in the fire hot day.
I’ve purposely lost my heart for cooking until autumn.
And while we are on autumn,
I must ask, in what part of the arctic circle
does a person live when they talk about the end of summer
being here? Really?
Ha! end of summer? Summer is just cranking up where I live.
It feels like 107F
Honey, it IS 107…

public domain image

public domain image


Quadrille: The Great Journey

Mary Grace today is the prompter for the quadrille.  She has given us the word “journey” and especially in tribute to Vivienne Blake whose died July 5. She is sorely and dearly missed. A quadrille is a poem of exactly 44 words, not including the title, and must include the prompt world.


The Great Journey – For Viv

The journey began when first she put
pen to paper and wrote the words in
her soul. she shared those words
and her soul with others through the years.
The journey ended when her great heart
Ceased to beat, but her words still live.


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