Haibun: Snowy Days

For Sherry’s prompt over at Toads – Earth Grief. A haibun.  It is all too sad and heartbreaking.

Snowy Days
I remember the winter when I was six. It snowed every Wednesday in December and January. I had just read the Bobbsey Twins and I wanted an ice fort, just like they had. Of course, my father was going to make it happen for me. One morning we went out into the backyard and began to build it. Just before lunch, we finished. He poured water over the entire structure and it froze overnight. It didn’t melt until early spring and a couple of friends and I had fun jumping on it to collapse it. But it snowed every Wednesday without fail. The snow was three feet deep and took its own sweet time melting. Winters were cold when I was a child. The cold turned my cheeks read and seeped into my clothes. Now we are lucky if we get snow, much less cold weather. It will be sunny and seventy degrees on Thanksgiving Day. Probably on Christmas day as well. I miss the cold weather of my childhood. I miss the coming into the house and taking off my snowboots and sitting down before the coal grate and sipping a mug of hot chocolate. I miss snuggling into the blankets to get warm at night and my father coming into the bedrooms to replenish the coal in all the grates. I miss the clanging of the radiators. It used to be cold when I was a child. Now, it is rare as hen’s teeth.
cold snowy winter days –
snow falls without fail –
now polar bears starve

me at age 6

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