Fall Knocks Slowly

For Real Toads Tuesday Platform

Fall Knocks Slowly
Fall knocks slowly at summer’s door:
an old friend with shyness at returning and
maybe told to leave.
Leaves turn yellow and
slowly drop on green grass and
turn brown to be swept away
by chill winds.
Breezes once warm start
to be chill at evening
and daylight’s gold luster fades
to early evening.
Evening comes too soon for those of us who love the
sweet warm days and azure skies
but summer opens the door to fall and
the visitor glides in and
settles down to stay until
winter bids it go.
In the cold winter
might stars seem to burn brighter –
heaven’s nightlights to keep us safe
while we sleep and dream of spring.

copyright kanzensakura

Haiku 10062018

For Poets United Poetry Pantry and for Real Toads Tuesday Platform

Haiku: 100062018
sleepy woodland pool –
leaves drift on surface dreaming
of past summer sun

copyright Kanzen Sakura

Wordless Wednesday

copyright kanzens

copyright kanzens

Momiji 紅葉

Lone red maple leaf
In sea of bright green leaves.  Leaps
To earth:  切腹

He says….She says

He says summer
and wears white shoes.
She says early autumn
and prepares satsuma-imo.

He says it’s hot,
she says zansho.


He is Asian.
She is an American Southerner.

Go figure.

sunt lacrimae rerum

dead cicada lies
under fading crepe myrtle.
I stand. lone mourner.

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