The Orionids

For Quadrile Prompt at dVerse. the prompted word is “early”. What is a quadrille? A form unique to dVerse Poets Pub consisting of a poem (any form) of exactly 44 words, sans title, and the prompted word.  the Orionids is a meteor shower that always comes in October.  The “falling stars” are grains of sand from Halley’s Comet.  The sand burns when it hits Earth’s atomosphere

The Orionids
“We are all in the gutter, but some of us are looking at the stars.” Oscar Wilde

The moon is bright tonight
almost hiding the rain of meteor showers.
early, 3:00 a.m.- I gaze upwards
wishing for moonglasses
to better see.
In the ocean of night waves
crash on the shore of earth
leaving on its sands
memories of long ago fire

nbc news – public domain

Pewter Landscape III

This is the final poem in the series taken from my tanka, Pewter Landscape, with lines from the tanka used in each poem. The quote line is from Shakespeare’s Richard the Third, act one, scene one, 1-4.

December night sky –
snow like frozen stars, silent
as dust falls to earth.
no wishes on these stars, no dreams.
line of black trees
separating white snow from pewter sky.
ghostly landscape sleeps.
summer photograph fades with time.
“the winter of our discontent”…
hopes become buried in the ocean of snow.

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