Primal Fear

For Izy’s prompt over at Toads. We are to take one of our fears and write it into ridiculousness.

Primal Fear
I have a deep dark secret.
I see….food.
Food made from strange things.
I have a fear of going to potlucks,
To church suppers,
To reunion dinners with my husband’s kin.
Potato salad made from thawed frozen French fries.
Ice box cakes made from twinkies –
From Twinkies and cool whip!
God. I can hardly write the words.
Avocados made from jello
And sour cream with a…gulp!
A Ferro Roche center.
The horrors!
I fear food made from strange things.
People buy molds to make the
Ersatz avocado.
They may as well make a gun
From fondant and shoot me with it.

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