The Season of Fireflies is Past

This is for Poetry Pantry at Poets United. Since my mother died in June, I have gone back to writing more. I restricted my posts this past year.  And now here I am trying to get back in the swing of things.  Poets United:  I will also be posting this for Real Toads Tuesday Platform and for dVerse Open Link Night this following Thursday.

The Season of Fireflies is Past
the shade from trees is getting longer –
the days are getting shorter –
nights are getting cooler.
The season of fireflies is past.
early summer dusk
black trees against gray skies –
it is so silent.
the sound of a train whistle
several miles away carries
faintly over the tops of trees –
it moves like a slow river and pools
in the black grass of my back yard.
I’ve seen one firefly so far.
It winked at eye level
and a few minutes later it winked higher up
and still a few minutes later it winked
up in the top of the old oak.
the train whistle awakens the insects –
The cicadas and crickets –
it awakens the tree frogs who begin their
treble belching – and the old bullfrog
in my dying garden sings
basso profundo – the cicadas
ratchet it up a little bit louder.
I can feel it in my soul and in my bones –
Summer is taking her shower and soon will
be in her jammies and sleeping.
autumn will awaken and begin his
royal progress throughout the land
trailing clear blue skies, deer, and golden leaves
in his wake.
The season of fireflies is past.

Quadrille Monday – Dance

The Poets Pub opens again at 3:00 PM EST after a break. Grace is the prompter for Quadrille Monday. A Quadrille is a short poem consisting of exactly 44 words, not including the title. The prompt word for our Quadrilles today is “flicker”. Come join us and read these wonderful poems. Today is also the SIXTH ANNIVERSARY of dVerse.  The drinks are on me!

I heard the cicadas for the first time
tonight –sawing scraping –
moonlight dapples the trees with silver –
fireflies in the darkness –
a flickering dance
On off on off
stars in the black sky
flicker in return
on off on off
eternal dance

public domain photo


dVerse Poets Pub: Quadrille 2

Another entry for dVerse’s Quadrille Monday.

Firefly Dreams
One firefly always escapes
the jarflying about until
settling in one spot and blinking –
a tiny neon sign in the darkness.
last night
one escaped the jar by my bed
settling herself on the dreamcatcher
in the bedroom window.
Strobic jiggly dreams all night.

public domain image

public domain image


dVerse Quadrille Monday: Star Jars

Bjorn is pubtender today – back from hiatus!  For our Quadrille Poem – exactly 44 words not including the title – using his prompt word:  “jar”.  Great noun and verb – jars, jar, jarred, jarring – Come visit us and read!  The poems are only 44 words about jar.

Star Jars
Summer night –
Fireflies and falling stars.
By my bed
jar of fireflies – magical nightlight –
released at dawn

By my grownup bed
a jar of stars
plucked from the summer night sky –
My private galaxy,
eternal fireflies
lighting my dreams until rosy dawn.

fireflies in jar - public domain image

fireflies in jar – public domain image

Duality of Light – 波動粒子の二重性


(Hadō ryūshi no ni-jū-sei   波動粒子の二重性)  

For all my geek buds:  Light is a wave and a particle 🙂


sunrise wave


 Sunrise flows over

Hilltops:   A tsunami of light.

I surf without fear. 


Darkness  falls.   I blow

sun dust from my skin.  Firefly

sparks swirl in the night.


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