d’Verse Poetics – 4th Year Celebration – Icebreaker

This is the FOURTH ANNIVERSARY of d’Verse Poetics community – woohoo!!!! We are celebrating poetry, each other, contributors and commenters. Yesterday Grace, in Pubtalk, gave us the theme of gratitude and it is part of the prompts for this whole week. Today Marina Sofia is providing an icebreaker for us to get to know one another better.

We choose three words that mean a lot to us or describe us and three words that state what we are grateful for and then writing a poem with those words in 12 or less lines. Come join us for the celebration, the amazing poets, join in the conversation and contribute poems of your own.

My words:  Japan, the South, Phoenix, family, husband, love

southern woman – a family heritage
of hard work, courtesy and respect to all,
unconditional love of family -for them, by them.
knocked down by cancer but a survivor –
lessons of hard gained, deep romantic yet hard lost love.
locked away in loss and pain but reawakened to life and the joy of words
Phoenix poet rising from the ashes.
discovering along the way and living by,  equally –
Bushido and the Ten Commandments – The South meets Japan.
rising from the pain of lost love to new love –  a husband, friend, lover –
travelling the world, diving into different cultures –
The Phoenix southern woman poet finding her way home.


Bushido - public domain image

Bushido – public domain image


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