Quadrille Monday #32

At dVerse Poets Pub, De is hosting our quadrille. A quadrille is a poem of 44 words exactly, not including the title and usually includes a prompt word. Today the word is “echo”. this is my last post for awhile as my mother is not doing well and I am taking a hiatus away from dVerse Poets Pub. Blessings on all of you. I will be seeing you all again next month. http://dversepoets.com/2017/05/08/quadrille-32/

Room 214
the elderly woman sits in her wheelchair
looking out the window at the birds
on the birdfeeder.
her mind is filled with echoes and shadows
of years, times, and people past.
her daughter brushes her hair.
voices echo from other rooms.
she drifts asleep.

dVerse Poets Pub – Open Link Night

It is Open Link Night at dVerse Poets Pub. You can submit any one poem of your choice on subject and form. Come join us!

I hope
night falls gently in mid-May –
the sun fades but it is still bright
yet muted. birds sing their night songs
and the cardinal on the wire
serenades his territory –
Thweeeeee purty purty purty!
honeysuckle drifts on the gentle breeze.
the world is preparing for sleep.
I hope it is a restful night for all
I hope it is a night with sweet dreams
and full stomachs and hearts full of love.
but I hope. I hope.

Meeting the Bar: Impressionism

Today Bjorn is Pubtender and is prompting us to write impressionist poetry, based on impressionist paintings.  Splashes of color, some scents, some cooking, some blurred edges – all the hallmarks of the great Impressionists, including Claude Monet.  Come visit us at the Pub and view the artisitic offerings:  Meet the Bar with impressionism

Water Lilies in the Kitchen 
In the lemon yellow kitchen
Sunday dinner is being prepared.
aromas of fried chicken and pot roast
mingle with scents of onion, celery, bell peppers
and the sizzle of the fried chicken competes with
the sound of birds outside.
through the wide window framed with red maple
and blue and white curtains
the bright jade green summer lawn
runs to meet the azure sky.
The heavy leafed trees comb
the sky clear of purest white clouds.
Inside the kitchen
the tender green perfume of freshly cut herbs
float on the heavier scents
like water lilies on a pond.

Water lilies – detail from Claude Monet

dVerse Poetics: Amuse Me

Today is Poetics at the dVerse Poets Pub. Lillian is prompting us to write about amusement parks, rides, etc. Come visit the Pub to read these poems at: https://dversepoets.com/2017/03/14/amuse-me-take-me-for-a-ride/ Hopefully, they will make you smile.

For Sale
The rides are silent and still
the games are shuttered
and the food booths are empty

Trash blows about the Park in the winter wind.

The carousel has some heads feet horns
broken from the magical creatures
that lost their magic an age ago

a tattered piece of red balloon
hangs from a lone dart stuck
in the back of the Darts! Game booth.

rat wanders into a deserted food stand, sniffs and leaves.

A tattered For Sale sign hangs
cattywhampus on the fence
that closes the place off from the rest of the world.

Our tattered dreams blow about the Park in the winter wind.


Image result for closed amusement parks public domain

public domain photo

Quadrille – The Sleeping Moon

Today is Quadrille Monday here at dVerse Poets Pub.  Mish is giving us the prompt word for today which is breath or breathe and any variants – breathtaking, breathless, breathing…A quadrille is a poem of exactly 44 words, not counting the title and must include the prompter’s choice of a word.  Come join us for some breathtaking poems that will leave you breathless.  and it doesn’t take long to read ’em. http://dversepoets.com/2016/11/21/quadrille-21-take-a-breath/

the sleeping moon
the moon breathes a sigh of relief –
it is time to go dark,
to disappear behind the clouds
to listen to the stars singing
To watch the blades of grass riffling
to hide the shells on the shore
to close her eyes and dreamless sleep

public domain photo

public domain photo

dVerse MTB: Meeting the Bar as a Cubist Poet

Today Bjorn is the prompter at dVerse. He wants us to write in the style of Wallace Stevens and his poem, 13 Ways of Looking at a Blackbird. We are exploring cubism in poetry. Come visit us and find your new favorite poet! I found this prompt so interesting and engaging, I have come off hiatus to respond to it.  Meeting the bar as a cubist poet.

Ways of Looking at Autumn Leaves
autumn leaves float
on the surface of the pond
dreaming of summer

wind blows through the trees
rustling the leaves
they become
an ocean of sound

an owl sails through
the night sky
the autumn leaves sleep

leaves sunk to the bottom
of the pond
are the color of the eyes of deer

crows in the trees
cackle and crow
the leaves fall in silence

blown by the wind
the lacy foliage of a cedar
captures an autumn leaf

cold wind causes the leaves
to shiver and shake
bitterness under a full moon

the last leaf clings to the branch
snow begins to fall
the last leaf finally lets go

copyright Kanzensakura

copyright Kanzensakura


dVerse Poets Pub – Quadrille Monday

Today is Quadrille Monday here at the dVerse Poets Pub.  Victoria is our prompter and pubtender for today.  She is prompting us to use the word “open” in our poems or any derivative thereof:  opened, opening. opens, opener.  A quadrille is a short poetic form consisting of exactly 44 words using the prompted word.  The title does not count in the word count.  Come join us for some remarkable short and easily read poem on the dVerse site.  Who knows?  You might just discover you enjoy poetry! http://dversepoets.com/2016/09/12/opening-to-the-muse-dverse-quadrille-16/

Open my eyes to blue
Open my eyes to blue
open my heart to the swirling freedom
of blue
open my soul to the ocean in the sky
to the rich blue
and swirling white capped waves
crashing against trees. fields –
buildings, mountains
Open my eyes to blue

copyright kanzensakura

copyright kanzensakura



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