Friday Fun – Bad Luck…gettin’ down at the disco…


Here we are, another Friday the 13th! Listen to this oldie but goodie and dance away your bad luck.  Back in the day, Saturday’s were devoted to watching Soul Train, eyeing the fashions, trying out new moves, listening to extended play version of hot songs….the EP of Bad Luck I had at home was 12 minutes 33 seconds – the same version burning the floor at the disco. This version is quite a bit shorter and is a video of Harold Melvin and The Bluenotes getting it on with the Soul Train gang.  I had fun reliving the moves for my husband.  He joined in on the second play.  “No wonder you lived at the disco.  This is fun!”  Well, of course it was.

I hope this takes the “bad luck” out of your Friday 13 and gets your feet to moving and your butt to shaking, working down those shoulders and doing a little peel down. A friend had Harold Melville down pat and he would lip sync with several of us behind him being the background group. Such fun and folks loved it. The DJ would even announce it so we could get lined up. You will see the back singers in the group doing a peel down…

Put on your boogie shoes and dance!!!  Crank it up!

Guest Blogger – SamCat: Hidin’ from Friday 13!!!!!

copyright kanzensakura

copyright kanzensakura

I heard my mom, my upright Sakura talking to my Daddy Braddy about a friend of hers who has a phobia about Friday the 13th – triskadekaphobia…man, that’s a mouthful with change left over!

They got into a discussion about it and mom broke down the Greek words that formed it.  My upright Sakura apparently has studied several languages including yogurt language (I loves me some strawberry greek yogurt) and the beer language – he brew.

But anyway, they also talked about some mean ugly movies with that name too – Friday 13th.  I think there’s a zillion of them.  That’s scary that people would want to watch such ugly movies, don’t you think?

But it made me nervous thinking of a day that just because of its name is bad luck.  I’ve had enough bad luck in my short life without making a special day for it.  Mom was doing laundry and I snuck into the room for that and saw a basket of upright clothing in a basket.  I didn’t think twice – I jumped up and burrowed to the bottom.  I was going to hide from Friday 13.

My upright Sakura came in and saw me.  She pulled me out and snuggled me up close.  “Whatsa matter SamCat? Huh?  Scared?”  and I nuzzled up close feeling all safe.  She says, “I know Daddy Braddy and I were talking about some scary things, but really, Friday 13 is just another day, like Friday 12.  And besides, Friday 13 is a lucky good day – it is the day you came home with me.”

I snuggled closer and began to purr.  I wanted her to know that I wasn’t scared anymore.  Friday 13 was a lucky day for me because my upright Sakura came and rescued me and asked me if I wanted to come home with her.  So after listening to her talk yogurt talk to Daddy Braddy, I guess I have changed to a triskadekaphile!  Any day is what you make it, regardless of the date.  Everyday now is special for me.  And I’ll bet if you think about it really hard, besides those bad days, you have some good ones too!

I’ll talk to you later.  I’m off to play with a new catnip mouse!!!

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