Lion Afternoon

For Sunday Muse BlogSpot. Shay (Fireblossom) is the creator of today’s prompt.


Lion Afternoon by Jacek Yerka


Lion Afternoon
“I’m a lion. I’m not tough, but I am strong. I’m definitely not a wallflower.” – Cressida Bonas

whima whack, whima whack, whima whack…
the lion sits under the table
calmly watching a frog frolicking
in the fountain
after he did a munch on a ham-sized strawberry.
volcanoes rumble,
tornadoes spin
in the distance but it is all behind him.
The humans have left the scene departing
in fear of upcoming disasters.
The lion and the frog continues on,
while the ham-sized strawberries continue to fall
from the trees.
another frog dances on the lion’s paw,
serene in its safety.

The Season of Fireflies is Past

For Reat Toads Tuesday Platform.

The Season of Fireflies is Past
“There is no Final Resting Place of the Mind.” Anthony Bourdain

The season of fireflies is past.
the shade from trees is getting longer –
days are becoming shorter –
nights are growing cooler.
It is so silent
The sound of a train whistle
several miles away carries
faintly over the tops of trees –
it moves like a slow river and pools
on the black grass of my back yard.
I’ve seen one firefly here at the end.
It winked at eye level
and a few minutes later it winked higher up
and still a few minutes later it winked
up in the top of the old oak.
The train whistle awakens the insects –
the cicadas and crickets –
it awakens the tree frogs who begin their
treble belching – and the old bullfrog
in my dying garden sings
basso profundo – the cicadas
ratchet it up a little bit louder.
I can feel it in my soul and in my bones –
Summer is taking her shower and soon will
be in her jammies and sleeping.
autumn will awaken and begin his
royal progress throughout the land
trailing clear blue skies, deer, and golden leaves
in his wake.
The season of fireflies is past.

dVerse Poets Pub – Twitter Poetry

Another celebration today of dVerse’s fifth anniversary.  Bjorn is interviewing Sam Peralta who used to be at dVerse.  Today the prompt is Twitter poetry – 140 characters or less. My two are less than 140 each.

Here is mine, less than 140 characters.

hawk flies between sky
and pond – shadow on water
only frogs can see

public domain image

public domain image

screen door has small hole –
mosquitoes invade hot night –
mean biters no sleep

dVerse Poets: Open Link Night #169

Today is Open Link Night at dVerse Poets Pub  Come join us and submit a poem in your choice of form and subject or –
come and read the work of some amazing poets!

copyright kanzensakura

copyright kanzensakura

Spring Haiku

my new kimono –
shamed by the tender green of
willows fresh foliage

unable to sleep – the
stars and I listen to the
frogs singing at night

Night haze softens bare
trees – plum blossoms secretly
begin to unfold

spring wind comes blowing
tossing sparrows to the sky –
wind chimes clang loudly

Two Spring Haiku – 春 俳句

Katsushika Hokusai- Plum Blossom and the Moon from the book Mount Fuji in Spring

Katsushika Hokusai- Plum Blossom and the Moon from the book Mount Fuji in Spring

Night haze softens bare
trees – plum blossoms secretly
begin to unfold.

First full moon of spring
Frogs sing loudly from the creek –
Bare trees listening.

Kawanabe Kyosai - 1879

Kawanabe Kyosai – 1879




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